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Ashley Flowers

Photo of Ashley Flowers

Photo: © Jacob Smith

About the Author

Ashley is the founder and chief executive officer of audiochuck, the award-winning, independent media and podcast production company known for its standout content and storytelling across different genres, including true crime, fiction, comedy, and more. Ashley is also the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling novel, All Good People Here. As CEO, she works with her team to create an overarching content strategy and vision for the network of shows and company growth. She also hosts several audiochuck shows, including top-rated podcast Crime Junkie, The Deck, Red Ball, and Full Body Chills. At the core of the company and all its podcasts, Ashley and her team are committed to developing responsible true crime content. Ashley is passionate about advocacy work and recently established the nonprofit Season of Justice to provide financial resources in order to help solve cold cases. She sits on the organization’s board of directors. Flowers was born and raised in Indiana, where she continues to live with her husband, her daughter, and her beloved dog, Charlie.

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