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Zoe Allison

Photo of Zoe Allison

Photo: © Author

About the Author

Zoe Allison lives in Scotland with her husband and two children, having been brought up in a mixed race family in Yorkshire.
Growing up, Zoe enjoyed stories about falling in love. But rather than being rescued by a knight in shining armour she imagined herself fighting dragons alongside him, battling supervillains as heroic allies, or teaming up to dive into perilous waters and save the day.
As an adult, Zoe became a doctor. But as time passed she craved a creative outlet to counter the soul sapping burnout that her career inflicted upon her, and also to achieve the happy endings that were so often lacking in the real world. She wanted to create heroines who represented her and her values, as well as heroes who truly love women—men who find their true love inspiring, want to connect with her as a soulmate, and fully open themselves to her on an emotional level. And so, Zoe began to write romance.

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