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Pooja Lakshmin, MD

Photo of Pooja Lakshmin, MD

Photo: © Natalie D’Onofrio

About the Author

Pooja Lakshmin MD is a board-certified psychiatrist, New York Times contributor, and a leading voice at the intersection of mental health and gender, focused on helping women and people from marginalized communities escape the tyranny of self-care. In 2020, Lakshmin founded Gemma — a physician led women’s mental health education platform centering impact and equity. She maintains an active private practice, where she treats women struggling with burnout, perfectionism, and disillusionment, as well as clinical conditions like depression and anxiety. Having gone down the rabbit hole of extreme wellness herself, Real Self-Care is Lakshmin’s answer to the juice cleanses, the gratitude lists, and the bubble baths — not only to care for ourselves for real but, in turn, to transform our broken culture.

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