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Esmé Louise James


About the Author

Esmé Louise James (@esme.louisee) is best known for her Kinky History series on TikTok, and she has three million followers across social media platforms. James is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne; her thesis investigates the emerging genre of the pornographic novel in the eighteenth century. James also presents the popular Kinky History podcast, was a speaker at TEDxSydney in 2022, and was nominated for Best Digital Creator at the 2022 AACTA Awards.

Dr. Susan James is a Senior Outreach Fellow in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne. Susan has a master of arts in mathematics from Cambridge University and a master of science and a PhD in medical statistics from the University of Leicester. With her daughter Esmé, Susan jointly created TikTok’s SexTistics series, funded by Screen Australia, in 2022.

Books by Esmé Louise James

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