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Deidre Knight


About the Author

Deidre Knight is a literary agent, mom, wife, novelist, and Southern woman, and proud to answer to all of those titles. After selling hundreds of romance and women’s fiction novels for her clients, she’s delighted to bring her tales of otherworldly adventure to someone other than her own family. She lives in Madison, Georgia.

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Author Essay

Dear Reader,

We have something very important in common—like you, I love reading tales of strong, powerful heroes. Men who are willing to sacrifice their lives and honor in order to protect the ones they love most. Men who know what they want in a soul mate, and are willing to wait a long time—and search the universe itself—to find that woman.

With Red Fire, I’m thrilled to launch a brand new series featuring seven warriors who are exactly the kind of tortured Alpha heroes I love to read about myself.

“The Gods of Midnight” series begins with a vow almost twenty-five hundred years ago, when a brotherhood of seven warriors pledged their souls to defend mankind throughout eternity. These epic Spartans bargained with their own god, Ares, lord of war. And in the process might have bargained away their very souls…

Eternity lasts a long time for a warrior who gave up family and homeland. Ajax Petrakos, the hero of Red Fire, has sought his promised soul mate for the past thousand of those years.

In fact, I have a letter from Ajax about his quest, one he’s written to all of my readers. Read on below!


Deidre Knight

Dear Friends,

My immortality was sired in the boiling waters of the River Styx, where my Spartan brothers and I pledged our eternal souls to protect mankind from the forces of evil. Endlessly battling demon attacks has left me plagued with dark thoughts and loneliness. These past twenty-five hundred years have taken a toll, as well. The only hope that warms my wandering, ancient heart is a mortal’s name. A name given to me by the Oracle at Delphi herself, long, long ago.

In her prophecy, the Oracle promised me that I would have one great love, a joining that would allow us to overcome a terrifying evil… and that I would know my heart’s completion with this human. Ever since, I have clung to this sweet human’s name, awaiting the century when I might find her. Even the sound of that name is poetry to my ancient heart. One name…Shayanna Angel.

I would do anything to find this minx of a mortal and have searched the timeless decades and centuries in my hope of meeting her. I’d nearly lost faith, but now rumors and rumblings are afoot, indications that she has been sighted in your time, mortal friend. This time. I am told that she was sighted as recently as August 2008 in the United States of America. With only that one lead, I am off in my ageless quest to find her at last.

Will you help me?

This immortal Spartan warrior needs your assistance. Already I have enlisted a wise scribe, Deidre Knight, who is filling the pages of a book to be published on October 7, 2008, a journal that details my quest to find Shayanna. (I hear the title is Red Fire, and she actually has planned a series about me and my immortal brothers, the Gods of Midnight.)

Not only will you be doing a good deed, but helping me could be a lot of fun. All work and no play is not good, even for an immortal warrior. You can take part in the quest by entering my Not-So-Flat-Ajax contest, so named as a tribute to my, ahem, brute strength and considerable assets. Click Here to find out how you can have this Spartan warrior at your disposal. But I will retain my assets, thank you very much. I believe I may soon have need of them should I locate Shayanna.

Remember, as I go from town to town in search of Shayanna, a little hospitality goes a long way…you might find yourself well-rewarded for the trouble.

Forever Indebted,


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