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Tips on Creating a Book Club

Tips on Choosing a Book

Your list of choices may feel like it’s never-ending because there are over a million different books to choose from—literally. But don’t worry! We have prepared a list of tips to help you choose a book.

Pick A Theme

Deciding on a specific theme will help narrow down your list of books. You can focus on a specific author, genre, time period, or topic. Remember that the theme of your book may determine the atmosphere of your Book Club.

Mix It Up!

You do not want your Book Club members to get bored. Keep your book club interesting by switching up the themes, genres, and time periods.

Give Everyone a Chance

Every member should have the opportunity to voice their opinions. Give each member a chance to partake by asking everyone to come up with potential books. Hold a vote and let the group decide on your next title.

Strive For A Good Discussion

When deciding on a book, make sure it offers topics for discussion. Have each member bring questions or topics for discussion to each meeting. Books that will stimulate a good discussion may contain:

  • Complex plots or characters
  • Complicated conflicts
  • Inspiring storylines
  • Hanging endings
  • Controversial subject matter
  • Periods of History
  • Social Commentary
Be Practical

Remember that a Book Club is a social gathering. The goal is to interact and discuss among your members. With their busy schedules, not every member will have the time to read a lengthy book. Choose a book that is long enough to encourage a good discussion, but short enough for people to finish on time.

Be Considerate of Your Club Members

Some books may touch upon sensitive issues. While contradicting opinions, personal experiences, and relatable topics lead to engaging discussion, avoid books that could bring discomfort to or offend members.

What Are Other People Reading?

Knowing what other people are recommending is a great way to create your own to read list. If a book is getting a lot of media attention, there is usually a reason why. Places to look for book ideas:

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