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Reasonable Creatures by Katha Pollitt

Reasonable Creatures

Best Seller
Reasonable Creatures by Katha Pollitt
Aug 01, 1995 | ISBN 9780679762782
  • Paperback $15.00

    Aug 01, 1995 | ISBN 9780679762782

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"Katha Pollitt writes the liveliest, smartest general essays on women’s issues today. (They’re awfully good on America, too.) Relief — that someone is finally saying it — is one of the many pleasures that Pollitt invariably gives me. Brave. funny, commonsensical, morally right on, she’s almost always right." — Susan Sontag

"Katha Pollitt’s essays are so brilliant that I had to rub my eves from time to time as I read them. When she finishes with a subject, there really isn’t anything more to say — except, ‘Thanks, Katha, for clearing that up!’"

— Barbara Ehrenreich

She asks "Who’s Afraid of Hillary Clinton?," considers the Smurfette Principle and explains why she hates "Family Values." She takes aim at nineteen targets in all. Her pieces delight by their language — the mastery that won a National Book Critics Circle Award for her first book of poem — and her refusal, ever, to be ponderous.

"A thoughtful and brilliant woman … These essays are a joy to read." — alice Adams

"It is a great pleasure to have this gathering oF’ Katha Pollitt’s work. Her intelligence is always relentless, always bracing, while always; maintaining a wonderful lightness. She is the gin-and-Campari of the women’s movement." — Mary Gordon

"Lucid, gutsy, funny and just, Katha Pollitt is easily my favorite essayist at work today. I read everything she writes and consider this collection a treasure." — Phyllis Rose

"Katha Pollitt’s essays are fine, fierce, well-informed and mind-changing. Anyone would be proud to have her good head and good heart on their side."

— Gloria Steinem

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