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Firefly: Still Flying by Joss Whedon

Firefly: Still Flying

Best Seller
Firefly: Still Flying by Joss Whedon
Paperback $19.95
May 25, 2010 | ISBN 9781848565067

Also available from:

  • May 25, 2010 | ISBN 9781848565067

    Also available from:

  • May 08, 2007 | ISBN 9781845763725

    Also available from:

  • Sep 01, 2006 | ISBN 9781845763145

    Also available from:

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Table Of Contents

The Legacy of Firefly: By Way of an Introduction… 6

What Holds Us Down by Jane Espenson 8

The Writing Process by Jane Espenson 16
Nathan Fillion 18
Battle Plans: Storyboarding the Battle of Serenity Valley 22
Gina Torres 26
Objects in Space: A selection of Firefly Props 30
Alan Tudyk 46
Behind the Scenes: Danny Nero’s Photo Album 50
The Story of Monkey Shines: The on-set practical joke that passed into legend… 56
Morena Baccarin 62
Costumes: Selections from the wardrobes of Inara and Jayne 66
Adam Baldwin 70

Fun with Dick and Jane by Ben Edlund 74

The Head They Call Jayne: Whatever happened to the Jaynestown statue? 76
Jewel Staite 78
Thrilling Heroics: An interview with Firefly Stunt Coordinator Nick Brandon 82
Sean Maher 88
On Location: An interview with Location manager Peter Robarts 92
Summer Glau 100

Crystal by Brett Matthews 104

Ships of the ’Verse: Designing the ships of Firefly 114
Ron Glass 132
The Browncoats: An overview of Firefly fandom 136
On Ariel by Jose Molina 148

Take the Sky by Jose Molina 150

Mutant Enemies?: Some closing words 158
Acknowledgements and Picture Credits 159

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