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Born That Way by William Wright

Born That Way

Best Seller
Born That Way by William Wright
Jun 06, 2012 | ISBN 9780307819383

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  • Jun 06, 2012 | ISBN 9780307819383

    Available from:

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“It takes an independent writer and free spirit to tell the story straight, and thank God Wright
has done it.”
–Edward O. Wilson, author of Consilience

“A revelation and a pleasure. . . It presents the mysteries of human genetics and behavior in a way that leaves the reader enlightened, conversant, and entertained. A most rewarding book. . .”
–Robert Stone

“It makes the genes-versus-environment conundrum not only comprehensible by the non-expert, but highly entertaining and sometimes even dramatic.”
–Alison Lurie

“Science reporting as good as this is as rare as it is valuable. . . . It should capture the attention of
professionals and the public alike.”
–Robin Fox, Professor of Social Theory, Rutgers University

“A gifted writer and an astute observer, he has carefully researched the issues and forcefully presented his arguments. . . . Wright offers an informative and engrossing account of the fundamental shift in thinking on the nature/nurture issue.”
Library Journal

“A riveting new book. . . . Wright writes with verve and clarity. . . . Wright discusses the turn-of-the-century eugenicists who all but ignored environmental influences and who failed to foresee dangers in ‘procreational tinkering.’ “
–Susan Miron, Philadelphia Inquirer

“A brisk and businesslike guide whose lively prose is lighted with flashes of wry humor. . . . His enthusiasm is contagious. . . . Born that Way is a stimulating and highly readable introduction to the nature-nurture debate.”
–Derek Bickerton, The New York Times Book Review

“The research that Wright describes is captivating. . . . Born that Way is a paean to the influence genes exert on human thought and action.”
–Noah J. Efron, Boston Book Review

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