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Against Our Will

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Against Our Will by Susan Brownmiller
Paperback $18.00
May 11, 1993 | ISBN 9780449908204

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  • May 11, 1993 | ISBN 9780449908204

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“A major work of history, a classic . . . No one who reads it will come away untouched.”The Village Voice
“The most comprehensive study of rape ever offered to the public . . . It forces readers to take a fresh look at their own attitudes toward this devastating crime.”Newsweek 

“Chilling and monumental . . . Deserves a place next to those rare books which force us to change the way we feel about what we know.”—The New York Times Book Review
“This is a radical book in the truest sense of the word, a book certain to change the way we think, not just about the act of rape, but more fundamentally, about the relationships between men and women. . . . Brilliantly and convincingly argued . . . Against Our Will is thoroughly researched, carefully documented and lucidly written, a work of stunning originality which goes far beyond the statistics of rape to challenge some of society’s most accepted assumptions. . . . A landmark work, one of the most significant books to emerge in this decade.”Houston Chronicle
“A definitive text, startling, compelling, and a landmark. . . . Brownmiller deserved much credit for being able to avoid radical rhetoric and sticking to excellent reporting in the face of such explosive findings . . . Against Our Will is a monumental work and a thoroughly chilling eye opener. It forced me to rethink my entire position as a woman and, in the process, it made me extremely uncomfortable—as it should.”St. Louis Post-Dispatch
“An overwhelming indictment. We need it, it is a hideous revelation and it should be required reading.”Los Angeles Times Book Review
“Chilling, monumental, exhaustive, detailed, absorbing and original. . . . Brownmiller’s greatest contribution is establishing the continuity between rape and other facets of American culture.”Commonweal

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