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The Portable Sixties Reader by Various

The Portable Sixties Reader

Best Seller
The Portable Sixties Reader by Various
Paperback $22.00
Dec 31, 2002 | ISBN 9780142001943

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  • Dec 31, 2002 | ISBN 9780142001943

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Table Of Contents

The Portable Sixties Reader – Edited with an Introduction by Ann Charters Preface
The Sixties: A Chronology
Part One: Struggling to Be Free: The Civil Rights Movement
JAMES BALDWIN – “The Dangerous Road Before Martin Luther King”
MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. – “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”
ROSA PARKS – from Rosa Parks: My Story
ANNE MOODY – from Coming of Age in Mississippi
EUDORA WELTY – “Where Is the Voice Coming From?”
BOB DYLAN – “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll”
DUDLEY RANDALL – “Ballad of Birmingham”
ROBERT LOWELL – “For the Union Dead”
MALCOLM X – “The Ballot or the Bullet”
ALICE WALKER – “The Civil Rights Movement: What Good Was It?”
CHARLES JOHNSON – from Dreamer
Part Two: End It! And End It Now!: The Anti-Vietnam Movement
THOMAS MERTON – “Original Child Bomb”
SUSAN SONTAG – “What’s Happening in America (1966)”
“Overheard over S. E. Asia”
ROBERT BLY – “The Teeth Mother Naked at Last”
DAVID LANCE GOINES – “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”
ANN CHARTERS – “How to Maintain a Peaceful Demonstration”
NORMAN MAILER – from The Armies of the Night: “A Confrontation by the River”
ROBERT CHATAIN – from “On the Perimeter”
MICHAEL HERR – from Dispatches
TIM O’BRIEN – “The Man I Killed”
RON KOVIC – from Born on the Fourth of July
JANICE MIRIKITANI – “Attack the Water”
“Hanoi Hannah”
“‘You and I Are Disappearing'”
“2527th Birthday of the Buddha”
“Nude Interrogation”
“Facing It”
Part Three: Why Can We Not Begin Anew? The Free Speech Movement and Beyond
DAVE MANDEL – “Battle of Berkeley Talking Blues”
LEE FELSENSTEIN – “Put My Name Down”
RICHARD KAMPF – “Hey Mr. Newsman”
DAN PAIK – “There’s a Man Taking Names”
DAVID LANCE GOINES – from The Free Speech Movement
“The Rules of the Game… When You’re Busted”
“Wanted: Hip Cops”
ALLEN GINSBERG – “Demonstration or Spectacle as Example, as Communication – or How to Make a March/Spectacle”
HUNTER THOMPSON – from Hell’s Angels: “The Dope Cabala and a Wall of Fire”
KAY BOYLE – “Testament for My Students, 1968-1969”
ANDREW GORDON – “Smoking Dope with Thomas Pynchon: A Sixties Memoir”
DONALD BARTHELME – “The Police Band”
ABBIE HOFFMAN – “Che’s Last Letter”
WILLAM S. BURROUGHS – “The Coming of the Purple Better One”
EDWARD SANDERS – “Yeats in the Gas”
Part Four: “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die”: The Counterculture Movement
COUNTRY JOE MCDONALD – “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’-to-Die Rag”
“Talking Non-Violence”
EMMETT GROGAN – from Ringolevio
R. G. DAVIS – “A Minstrel Show or: Civil Rights in a Cracker Barrel”
SALLY TOMLINSON – “Psychedelic Rock Posters: History, Ideas, and Art”
MICHAEL LYDON – “The Rolling Stones – At Play in the Apocalypse”
ROBERT HUNTER – “New Speedway Boogie”
SHERMAN ALEXIE – “Because My Father Always Said He Was the Only Indian Who Saw Jimi Hendrix Play ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ at Woodstock”
Part Five: Adrift in the Age of Aquarius: Drugs and the Movement into Inner Space
TIMOTHY LEARY – “Turning On the World”
DIANE DI PRIMA – “The Holidays at Millbrook – 1966”
CARLOS CASTANEDA – from The Teachings of Don Juan
N. SCOTT MOMADAY – from House Made of Dawn
KEN KESEY – “Letters from Mexico”
LENNY BRUCE – “Pills and Shit: The Drug Scene”
JIM CARROLL – from The Basketball Diaries
Part Six: Living in the Revolution: The Beats and Some Other Literary Movements at the Edge
CHARLES OLSON – “The Hustings”
LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI – Letters to Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and Peter Orlovsky, 1961-1962
ALLEN GINSBERG – “Kral Majales”
DIANE DI PRIMA – “Revolutionary Letters #1, 3, 5, 8”
GARY SNYDER – “Poke Hole Fishing After the March”
MICHAEL MCCLURE – from Ghost Tantras
BOB KAUFMAN – “Grandfather Was Queer, Too”
JOHN CLELLON HOLMES – “Visitor: Jack Kerouac in Old Saybrook”
RICHARD BRAUTIGAN – “The Cleveland Wrecking Yard”
CHARLES BUKOWSKI – from Notes of a Dirty Old Man
Part Seven: Out of the Fire: The Black Arts Movement and the Reshaping of Black Consciousness
LARRY NEAL – “The Black Arts Movement”
DON L. LEE – from Think Black 1965-1967
HAKI R. MADHUBUTI – “Malcolm Spoke/who listened?”
ETHERIDGE KNIGHT – “The Idea of Ancestry”
AL YOUNG – “Conjugal Visits”
“A Dance for Ma Rainey”
AMIRI BARAKA – “Numbers, Letters”
ISHMAEL REED – “Eldridge Cleaver – Writer”
“Why They Are in Europe?”
[“We Knew Our Loneliness and Told It”]
Part Eight: With Our Arms Upraised: The Women’s Movement and the Sexual Revolution
BETTY FRIEDAN – from The Feminine Mystique
KATE MILLETT – from Sexual Politics
SYLVIA PLATH – “Lady Lazarus”
ANNE SEXTON – “The Abortion”
“The Addict”
“The Ballad of the Lonely Masturbator”
DENISE LEVERTOV – “About Marriage”
“The Mutes”
DIANE WAKOSKI – “Belly Dancer”
HETTIE JONES- from How I Became Hettie Jones
GLORIA STEINEM – “A New Egalitarian Life Style”
Part Nine: In Defense of the Earth: The Environmental Movement
RACHEL CARSON – from Silent Spring
PETER MATTHIESSEN – from Wildlife in America
DIANE DI PRIMA – “Revolutionary Letter #16”
GARY SNYDER – “What You Should Know to Be a Poet”
“Revolution in the Revolution in the Revolution”
“Smokey the Bear Sutra”
LEW WELCH – “Preface to Hermit Poems, The Bath”
[“I Know a Man’s Supposed to Have His Hair Cut Short”]
[“Apparently Wasps”]
[“I Burn Up the Deer in My Body”]
[“Step Out onto the Planet”]
“The Song Mt. Tamalpais Sings”
WENDELL BERRY – “To the Unseeable Animal”
EDWARD ABBEY – “The Serpents of Paradise”
N. SCOTT MOMADAY – from The Way to Rainy Mountain
Part Ten: Ten Elegies for the Sixties
for Ernest Hemingway: ARCHIBALD MACLEISH – “Hemingway”
for Marilyn Monroe: MICHAEL MCCLURE – from Ghost Tantras, #39
for John F. Kennedy: ERIC VON SCHMIDT – “Kennedy Blues”
for Sylvia Plath: JOHN BERRYMAN – from The Dream Songs, #172
for Malcolm X: ETHERIDGE KNIGHT – “The Sun Came”
for Martin Luther King, Jr.: DON L. LEE – “Assassination”
for Robert F. Kennedy: LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI – “Assassination Raga”
for Neal Cassady: ALLEN GINSBERG – “On Neal’s Ashes”
for Janis Joplin: MARILYN HACKER – “Elegy”
for Jack Kerouac: The Harvard Crimson – “Kerouac, 1922-1969”
Selected Bibliography
Alphabetical List of Authors and Titles

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