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Spit in the Ocean #7 by Various

Spit in the Ocean #7

Best Seller
Spit in the Ocean #7 by Various
Paperback $15.00
Oct 28, 2003 | ISBN 9780142003633

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  • Oct 28, 2003 | ISBN 9780142003633

    Also available from:

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Table Of Contents

Spit in the OceanWavy Gravy – Haiku for Kesey
Gus Van Sant – Shazam! (Foreword)
Ed McClanahan – R.I.P., Spit in the Ocean, 1973-2003 (Introduction)
Michael Strelow – All That Hoo-Ha
Ken Kesey – A Letter to Jim Wolpman
Paul Krassner – Kesey’s Last Prank
Patrice Mackey – It’s the Kids
Douglas Brinkley – Majic Bus Meets Further II
Walt Curtis – The Way It Is
Lewis Nordan, from an Interview with Jeremy L. C. Jones – “Here Came a White Cadillac!”
Ken Kesey – Karma (and Other Sermons)
George Walker – Bus Story #1: Definitely the Bus
Bill Walton – The Point Man
Ken Babbs – The Diverticulum
Paul Zarzyski – Two Poems
Lee Quarnstrom – A State of Grace
Ken Kesey – Departures: Three Heavies Take Their Leave
Wendell Berry – Kentucky River Junction: A Letter and a Poem
Chloe Scott – Bus Story #2: NO Furthur
Hunter S. Thompson – Walking with the King
Glen Love – The Words on the Page
Ken Babbs – The Tooth
Pat Monaghan – The Character: McMurphy Goes to High School… and Gets an A
Ken Kesey, from an Interview with Mike Finoia – “Wrong Way! Go Back!”
Happy (with a little help from Genie Murphy) – I Am Kesey’s Dog
Larry McMurtry – Bus Story #3: Stark Gets Off the Bus
Ken Babbs – The Cuff Links
Vic Lovell – Elegy for Ken
Sterling Lord – Last Rites
Tom Wolfe – “In the Pudding”
Anonymous, from an Interview with Rick Dodgson – Bus Story #4: “Can I Go with You?” Anonymous Gets on a Bus
John Daniel – The Prankster Moves On
Ken Kesey – Earthshoes
John Perry Barlow – Eulogy for Ken
James Baker Hall – Ken
Rosalie Sorrels – Last Go Round: A Song for Ken Kesey
Eileen Babbs – The White Tent
Jim Dodge – A Ceremony of Consolation
Ken Kesey and Gurney Norman – A Correspondence
Candace Lambrecht – Bus Story #5: Further Goes to Sea
Ed McClanahan – The Day the Lampshades Breathed
Kathryn Lawder – “Now THAT’S Ken Kesey!”
Robert Stone – The Boys Octet
David Stanford – Working with Kesey
Ken Babbs – Hornswoggled
Ken Kesey – Getting Better: A Radio Interview Conducted by Sharon Wood, with John Nance and Paul Pintarich
John Nance – An Unheard Melody (Photo Essay)
Robert Hunter – Lament for Kesey
Brer Kesey’s Words to the Wise

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