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Readers Guide

1)    Doyle is an immortal who has lost everyone he’s loved to time and death. Do you think immortality is a curse or a blessing? If it’s a curse, why do you think so many people want to live forever?

2)    As a soldier for centuries, do you think that Doyle can truly give up the fight even if the war against Nerezza is over? We’ve seen the difficulties many veterans face in reality—do you think Doyle can adapt to a civilian life?

3)    The setting of the novel is Ireland, which is Doyle’s ancestral homeland as well as Bran’s current home. What is the importance of home to these characters?

4)    As a werewolf, Riley is a creature of myth and legend who also happens to be a scientist. How does she reconcile such opposing sides in her own nature?

5)    Riley is willing to give up an essential part of herself—her wolf—to be with Doyle. Sacrifice made for love is an eternal theme explored in art and literature as well as something that everyone has struggled with. What sacrifices would you or have you made for love?

6)    Each Guardian gets their heart’s desire as a reward for their services. What is your heart’s desire?

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