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A Primer of Jungian Psychology by Calvin S. Hall and Vernon J. Nordby

A Primer of Jungian Psychology

Best Seller
A Primer of Jungian Psychology by Calvin S. Hall and Vernon J. Nordby
Paperback $15.00
Jan 01, 1999 | ISBN 9780452011861

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  • Jan 01, 1999 | ISBN 9780452011861

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Table Of Contents

A Primer of Jungian Psychology1. Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961)
I. Childhood and Youth
II. Professional Activities
III. What Was Jung?

2. The Structure of Personality
I. The Psyche
II. Consciousness
A. The Ego
III. The Personal Unconscious
A. Complexes
IV. The Collective Unconscious
A. Archetypes
1. The Persona
2. The Anima and the Animus
3. The Shadow
4. The Self
V. Interactions Among the Structures of Personality
VI. Summary

3. The Dynamics of Personality
I. The Psyche: A Relatively Closed System
II. Psychic Energy
III. Psychic Values
A. Direct Observation and Deduction
B. Complex Indicators
C. Emotional Reactions
D. Intuition
IV. The Principle of Equivalence
V. The Principle of Entropy
VI. Progression and Regression
VII. Canalization of Energy
VIII. Summary

4. The Development of Personality
I. Individuation
II. Transcendence and Integration
A. The Role of the Parents
B. The Influence of Education
C. Other Influences
III. Regression
IV. Stages of Life
A. Childhood
B. Youth and Young Adulthood
C. Middle Age
D. Old Age
V. Summary

5. Psychological Types
I. The Attitudes
II. The Functions
III. Combinations of Attitudes and Functions
IV. Types of Individuals
A. Extraverted Thinking Type
B. Introverted Thinking Type
C. Extraverted Feeling Type
D. Introverted Feeling Type
E. Extraverted Sensation Type
F. Introverted Sensation Type
G. Extraverted Intuitive Type
H. Introverted Intuitive Type
V. Practical Considerations
VI. Summary

6. Symbols and Dreams
I. Amplification
II. Symbols
III. Dreams
A. Dream Series

7. Jung’s Place in Psychology
A Guide for Reading Jung
Collected Works of C. G. Jung
Recommended Readings

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