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Teaching Montessori in the Home: Pre-School Years

Best Seller
Teaching Montessori in the Home: Pre-School Years by Elizabeth G. Hainstock and Lee Havis
Paperback $15.00
Sep 01, 1997 | ISBN 9780452279094

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  • Sep 01, 1997 | ISBN 9780452279094

    Also available from:

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“Provides enlightenment on the whole Montessori method.”—Denver Post
“Highly recommended.”—Library Journal

Table Of Contents

Foreword by Lee Havis
Part I – Montessori in the Home
An Introduction to Teaching Montessori in the Home
Maria Montessori: Her Life and Her Method
The Importance of the Early Years
Preparing Your Home School
Prepared Environment for the Home
Part II – Practical-Life Exercises
The Practical Situation:
Opening and Closing Drawers
Busy Board or Dressing Frames
Pouring Rice
Carrying a Chair
Folding a Napkin
Setting a Table
Washing Dishes
Washing Hands
Washing a Table
Sweeping the Floor
Polishing Silver
Shining Shoes
Lacing a Shoe
Tying a Bow

Finger-Dexterity Exercises:
Bead Stringing
Bottles and Tops
Using a Dropper
Painting and Coloring
Doing Puzzles

Nature Study and Geography
Part III – Early Sensorial Exercises
The Sensorial Situation:
The Three-Period Lesson
The Tower
Cylinders and Solid Insets
Fabric Basket
Thermal Bottles
Button Games, Part 1
Button Games, Part 2
Rough and Smooth Boards
Silence Game
Walking the Line
Basic Tablets
Mystery Bag
Sound Bottles
Color Tablets
Scent Bottles
Geometric Insets, Part 1
Geometric Insets, Part 2
Geometric Shapes
Naming the Colors
Part IV – Reading and Writing Exercises
Language Development:
Sandpaper Letters
The Correct Way to Write Letters
Command Cards
Pictures and Sounds
The Movable Alphabet
Part V – Arithmetic Exercises
Arithmetic Development:
Number Rods
The Spindle Box
Sandpaper Numbers
Writing Numbers
The Correct Way to Write Numbers
Number Progression
Number Progression Chart

Measuring Exercises
Part VI – Home Montessori Equipment
How to Make Your Equipment:
Paint and Play Dough
Busy Board
Individual Dressing Frames
Baric Tablets
Command Cards
Rough and Smooth Boards
Scent Bottles
Sound Bottles
Thermal Bottles
Color Tablets
Color Circles
Spindle Box
Pictures and Sounds
Movable Alphabet
Sandpaper Numbers and Letters
Geometric Insets
Number Rods and Numbers
Montessori Terms
Educational Toys
Selected Reading

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