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The Greek Achievement by Charles Freeman

The Greek Achievement

Best Seller
The Greek Achievement by Charles Freeman
Sep 01, 2000 | ISBN 9780140293234
  • Paperback $25.00

    Sep 01, 2000 | ISBN 9780140293234

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1. Recreating the World of Ancient Greece
2. The Formation of the Greek World
3. Homer’s World: Heroes and the Coming of the City-State
4. An Expanding World: 800-550 B.C.
5. New Identities: The Consolidation of the City-State
6. Underlying Patterns: Land and Slavery
7. Underlying Patterns: Spiritual Life
8. Revolutions in Wisdom: New Directions in the Archaic Age
9. Creating the Barbarian: The Persian Wars
10. The Fifth Century: The Politics of Power 478-404 B.C.
11. The Athenian Democracy
12. Homage to Dionysus: The Drama Festivals
13. Man Is the Measure: Philosophers and Speculators, 450-330 B.C.
14. Relationships
15. Transitions: The Greek World in the Fourth Century B.C.
16. Alexander
17. The Hellenistic World
18. Mathematics, Science, and Medicine
19. The Greeks and Rome
20. The Greeks in the Roman Empire
21. Conclusion: The Greek Achievement
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