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Skybowl by Melanie Rawn


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Skybowl by Melanie Rawn
Mar 01, 1994 | ISBN 9781101666302

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  • Mar 01, 1994 | ISBN 9781101666302

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Praise for the Dragon Star trilogy:

“Rawn demonstrates a fine sense of world building and characterization…. Challenging fantasy well worth the effort.” —Booklist

“Continues the skillful plotting and complex relationships outline in previous novels. Epic in scope, with a large cast of vivid characters.” —Library Journal

“Rawn’s complex and appealing major characters, her fully imagined historical and cultural backgrounds, and her absorbing systems of Sunrunners’ and sorcerers’ magic all give this series a tremendous and well deserved appeal to lovers of intricate and intelligent fantasy worlds.” —VOYA

“Melanie Rawn’s dragons grow more fascinating with each new book. Readers will luxuriate in the spellbinding characterizations and compelling plot convolutions that make Ms. Rawn’s tales some of the best ever.” —Rave Reviews

“Rawn paints a strong portrait of a world where magic and war are strongly entwined.” —Bookwatch

“The climax at the embattled castle of Skybowl is exciting and tragic…. Rawn’s fans should love this one.” —Starlog

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