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Kundalini Yoga by Shakti Parwah Kaur Khalsa
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Kundalini Yoga

Best Seller
Kundalini Yoga by Shakti Parwah Kaur Khalsa
Paperback $23.00
Aug 01, 1998 | ISBN 9780399524202

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  • Aug 01, 1998 | ISBN 9780399524202

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Table Of Contents

Kundalini Yoga – Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa As Taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.

Section One: Things to Know (and a Few Things to Try)You Are Here – How to Read This Book
Chapter 1: What’s It All About?
Chapter 2: One Goal
Chapter 3: Tuning In
Chapter 4: Breath of Life
Chapter 5: Mantra: “Magic Words”
Chapter 6: Conquer the Mind, You Conquer the World
Chapter 7: Mysterious Kundalini: “Where There’s Mastery, There’s No Mystery”
Chapter 8: Chakras – Energy Centers, Where Are You At?
Chapter 9: Stress, Stamina, and Nerves of Steel
Chapter 10: Healing
Chapter 11: Let’s Talk About Food
Chapter 12: Creatures of Habit
Chapter 13: Drugs
Chapter 14: Sleep
Chapter 15: How to Get Up in the Morning
Chapter 16: Sadhana: Your Spiritual Bank Account
Chapter 17: Woman is Spelled “Double-You-O-Man”
Chapter 18: Four Teachers – Things Your Mother Never Told You
Chapter 19: My Spiritual Teacher, Yogi Bhajan
Chapter 20: Communication
The Snake That Poisons Everybody
Chapter 21: Happiness
Chapter 22: Life is a Movie
Chapter 23: Other Paths of Yoga
Chapter 24: Tantric Yoga
Chapter 25: The Ten Bodies
Chapter 26: Going Home
Section Two: Things to DoGeneral Guidelines for the Practice of Kundalini Yoga
Mantra and Meditation
Key to Pronunciation
How to Chant
Invoking the Flow of Eternal Power: ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO
The Seed Sound: SAT NAM
Raise the Kundalini: Chakra Meditation
Meditation for Change: SA-TA-NA-MA
Change of Habit: Breath Meditation
Mantra of Protection
Meditation for Positive Communication
Meditation for Effective Communication
My Favorite Mantra: “Long EK ONG KAR’s”
Meditation to Clear the Past, Present and Future
“May the Force Be With You”: PAVAN GURU
Shout it in the Shower: ANG SANG WAHE GURU!
“The Persian Wheel” Meditation
Sadhana Mantras for the Aquarian Age
Kriyas and Pranayam (Exercises and Breathing)
Energy Up: Mul Bandh and Sat Kriya
Sharpen Your Mind: Basic Breath Series
Loosen-Up, Tune-Up: Kriya for Elevation
Easy Set
Balance Your Glands: Angles
Stretch in the Morning
Breathe and Move in the Morning
Sweat and Laugh… (anytime)
Digestion and Elimination
How to Give a Foot Massage
Things to Do at Bedtime
Three Stress Meditations
Take Care of Yourself as a Woman
The Magnificent Seven
A Conscious Act
Disease Prevention for Women
The Power of Foods
Yogic Tidbits for Women: Foods, Health
GGM: Grace of God Meditation
Yogi Tea – The Original
Golden Milk
Ginger Tea
Potent Potatoes
Spicy Beet-Sweet Potato Casserole
Saffron Rice

Sources and Resources
Poems by the Author
You Are What You Eat
Sleepy Time Song
Choose Your Words
Past Lives
The Choice
The Persian Wheel (Gatga)

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