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Visioning by Lucia Capacchione
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Best Seller
Visioning by Lucia Capacchione
Paperback $17.95
Dec 28, 2000 | ISBN 9781585420872

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  • Dec 28, 2000 | ISBN 9781585420872

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“Capacchione doesn’t just preach the importance of visualizing goals to see them come true, something we’ve all heard before. … Her book tells you to get out the scissors and glue and magazine pictures to create collages of the life you want. That becomes the vision, and you will look at it each morning and night.”
—Cleveland Plain Dealer

“[Capacchione] not only helps to bring out the best—but helps to discover that there is a best that is worth bringing out.”
—Norman Cousins, author of Anatomy of an Illness

“Capacchione’s workshop was a powerful tool on my healing jouney. She shares her insights and gives you the opportunity to heal your relationship with your inner child. Go for it!”
—Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life

Table Of Contents

VisioningIntroduction: Life as Art, Art as Life

Part 1. The Process
Following the Pathways of the Heart

1. The Designer Within

Thinking with your Heart. What Is Design? Thinking in Pictures. Visual Imagery: How It Works. Visualization: The Mind’s Eye

Dreaming the Impossible Dream. Block Busters. Thoughts Becoming Things. Visualization: Picture This

We’re All Designers. Visualization: Reflecting on Past Success

The Fear of Art. Art-Making, Your Natural Birthright. Visualization: Dreams That Came True

Visioning: How It Works. Ten Principles of Design. The Ten Steps of Visioning. Techniques Used in Visioning. Two Brains, Two Hands. Journal: Warming Up—Dancing on Paper

Why Visioning Works. Pictures and Words

2. The Field of Dreams

Preparing the Inner and Outer Space. Gather the Tools. Supplies. Setting Up Your “Creativity Gym.” Prepare the Space. Talismans, Totems, and Good Luck Charms. Peparation: Setting the Stage, Creating a Studio

Prepare Your Inner Space. Focus : Creating the Container. Imagery: Symbol for Your Creative Self

Unfolding from the Creative Self

Moving from the Creative Self. Movement Meditation: Inner Listening

The Silent Partner. Journal: Meet Your Creative Conscience

3. Get a Dream, Get a Life

First Design Principle: Get an Idea. Visioning Step 1: Make a Wish. The Courage to Dream. Journal: Permission to Act

Finding a Focus. Crafting a Focus Phrase. Focus Phrases: A Menu of Possible Themes. Journal: Finding My Focus Phrase. Journal: What’s the Problem?

Reinforcing Your Focus Phrase. Focus: Flash Cards

4. Sorting and Sifting

Second Design Principle: Feed Your Idea with Research. Visioning Step 2: Search for Images and Words. Explore the Treasures in Your Research Bank: The Art of Gathering. Image-Finding as Meditation. Research: Grab What Grabs You.

Ad Art as Poetry in the Market Place. Poem-making: Wordplay

Third Design Principle: Connect the Research to Your Own Idea. Visioning Step 3: Focus on the Vision. The Balance Between Freedom and Structure. Following Your Heart. Focus: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

What’s in a Word? Magazines as Chinese Fortune Cookies. Poem-making: More Wordplay

5. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Fourth Design Principle: Assemble the Design Elements. Visioning Step 4: Compose the Design. Design by Intuition. Lay Out the Elements. Focus and Contemplation: Your Symbol Here

Random Acts of Beauty: Seeing Relationships, Making Connections. Finding Your Own Style. Focus: Playing in the Land of Make-Believe

Matching Words and Pictures. Word Jazz: Ransom Notes from the Soul

6. Order Out of Chaos

Fifth Design Principle: Mix and Match in Rough Mock-up Stage. Chaos and Creativity. Visioning Step 5: Explore and Find Order in Creative Chaos. Recognizing the Inner Critic. Journal: The Inner Critic

The Mistakes Myth. Journal: Guidance from the Creative Self

7. The Design of Your Life

Sixth Design Principle: Develop the Design. The Pieces Coming Together. Visioning Step 6: Create the Collage. Collage: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Turning Words on Their Heads. Zen and the Art of Cut and Paste. Collage: Word Weaving

God Is in the Details. Mixed Media: Connect the Dots

Other Formats for Visioning

Part 2: Seeing Results
Letting Your Mind See What Your Heart Already Knows

8. Talking Pictures

Seventh Design Principle: Refine and Finalize the Design. Visioning Step 7: Articulate the Vision. Journal: Image Writing

If Pictures Could Talk. Journal: Writing by Heart

The Story Inside the Collage. Journal: Telling My Story

Eighth Design Principle: Start the Production Process. Visioning Step 8: Reinforce the Dream. Visual Affirmation and Visualization: What You See Is What You Get

Dealing with Resistance. Protect Your Dream. Journal: Keeping the Faith

A Wish Your Heart Makes

9. Seeing is Believing

Ninth Design Principle: Get Help. Visioning Step 9: Embrace the Reality. Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There. What’s Behind the Dream. It’s About Time. Journal: At the Write Time

Taking Care of Business. Journal: Thinking with Both Sides of Your Brain

As Luck Would Have It. Journal: In the Write Place

Reach Out for Help. Journal: My Personal Dream Team

10. Let’s Have a Party

Tenth Design Principle: Complete and Celebrate the Final Product. Visioning Step 10: Celebrate the Dream Come True. Journal: Give Yourself a Hand

Lessons Learned, Qualities Earned. Journal: You’ve Got What It Takes

Saying Thanks. Journal: Thanks to the Creative Self. Letter Writing: Reach Out and Thank Someone

Celebrating the Dream. Journal: Throwing a Celebrate-the-Dream Party

Part 3: Visioning In Action
Photo Album of Success Stories; Ideas and Suggestions

11. Visioning in Work and Career

Problems on the Job: Dealing with Difficult People. Case Study: Marissa and the Manager from Hell

Job Change and Career Transition. Case Study: Hold Fast to Dreams

Affirming What You Want. Collage and Journal Applications. Illness and Work. You and Your Career. Visioning in a Support Group. Organizing a Visioning Group. Structuring a Group Session. Group Dynamics. The Power of Group Support. Collaborative Visioning for Teams, Companies, and Organizations. Visioning at Work. Visioning and Organizational Development. Activities for Organizational Visioning. Team Building and Project Development

12. Visioning and Relationships

Finding Love in All the Right Places. Case Study: Lisa’s Story and Collages

Wedding Bells and Honeymoons. Case Study: Aleta’s Collages

Baby Makes Three. Case Study: Christine’s Story, Collage, and Baby Announcement

Suggestions and Applications. Creating a New Relationship. Improving an Ongoing Relationship. Collaborative Visioning for Families. Media for Family Collages. Case Study: Beverly and Tom Vision Together

A Collage for the Whole Family

13. Visioning for Health and Well-Being

Regaining the Self. Case Study: Gayle’s Story of Inner Healing

The Creative Self Diet. Case Study: Susan’s Story of Healing, Change, and Weight Loss

Money, Self-Worth, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Case Study: Mark’s Story

Finding Abundance Within. Case Study: Greg’s Story of Discovering True Wealth

Suggestions and Applications. Body Image, Self-Image. Illness and Pain. Abundance.

14. Visioning to Find Your Place

A Home for the Heart. Case Study: Lucia’s Story of Her Dream House

Dreams for Rent. Mara Moves to Santa Fe. Case Study: Relocating to a New Area

Anna’s Ranch. Case Study: Anna Finds Her Dream Ranch

In Closing.

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