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The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing by Thomas S. Kane

The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing

Best Seller
The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing by Thomas S. Kane
Mass Market Paperback
Jul 01, 2000
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Table Of Contents

The Oxford Essential Guide to WritingIntroduction
1. Subject, Reader, and Kinds of Writing
2. Strategy and Style
3. Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics

Part I: The Writing Process
4. Looking for Subjects
5. Exploring for Topics
6. Making a Plan
7. Drafts and Revisions

Part II: The Essay
8. Beginning
9. Closing
10. Organizing the Middle
11. Point of View, Persona, and Tone

Part III: The Expository Paragraph
12. Basic Structure
13. Paragraph Unity
14. Paragraph Development: (1)Illustration and Restatement
15. Paragraph Development: (2)Comparison, Contrast, and Analogy
16. Paragraph Development: (3)Cause and Effect
17. Paragraph Development: (4)Definition, Analysis, and Qualification

Part IV: The Sentence
18. The Sentence: A Definition
19. Sentence Styles
20. The Well-Written Sentence: (1)Concision
21. The Well-Written Sentence: (2)Emphasis
22. The Well-Written Sentence: (3)Rhythm
23. The Well-Written Sentence: (4)Variety

Part V: Diction
24. Meaning
25. Clarity and Simplicity
26. Concision
27. Figurative Language
28. Unusual Language
29. Improving Your Vocabulary: Dictionaries

Part VI: Description and Narration
30. Description
31. Narration

Part VII: Puntcuation
32. Stops
33. The Other Steps

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