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Hit Makers by Derek Thompson
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Hit Makers

Best Seller
Hit Makers by Derek Thompson
Paperback $18.00
Feb 06, 2018 | ISBN 9781101980330

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  • $18.00

    Feb 06, 2018 | ISBN 9781101980330

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  • Feb 07, 2017 | ISBN 9781524735098

    694 Minutes

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“Enthralling – full of ‘aha’ moments about why some ideas soar and others never get off the ground. This book picks up where The Tipping Point left off.” —Adam Grant

“While giving Lady Luck her due, Thompson studiously examines the myriad factors that make the things we buy, like and follow so irresistible: whether Facebook, TV shows such as Seinfeld, Bumble (the app, not the insect), even favorite lullabies. In Hit Makers, his first book, Thompson tackles this mystery with solid research, ready wit and catchy aphorisms…a wonderful book.” —USA Today

“Superb.” —Fareed Zakaria, Book of the Week selection

“Derek Thompson has long been one of the brightest new voices in American journalism. With Hit Makers, he becomes one of the brightest new voices in the world of non-fiction books. Ranging from Impressionist art to German lullabies to Game of Thrones, Hit Makers offers a fresh and compelling take on how the media function and how ideas spread.  As deftly written as it is keenly argued, this book — true to its title — is a hit.” Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and The Power of Regret

“Derek Thompson’s Hit Makers is a sharply observed history of the megahit, from the 13th-centuy tunic craze to the iPhone, tracing  the strange ever-changing mixture of genius, dumb luck, business savvy, and network math that turns an obscurity into a worldwide smash.”
Jordan Ellenberg, New York Times bestselling author of How Not to Be Wrong and Shape

“What makes one song hit, and another, flop, one book a success and the other, fodder for the discount bins? That’s the mystery Derek Thompson probes with his characteristic verve, wit, and insight in Hit Makers. It’s an engrossing read that doesn’t settle for easy answers, and one that seems destined to become one of the hits that Thompson so deftly analyzes.” —Maria Konnikova, New York Times bestselling author of The Biggest Bluff

“Hit Makers is thoughtful and thorough, a compelling book…a terrific look at what makes a hit, from the Mona Lisa to Donald Trump.”Vox

“This entertaining look at the creation of blockbusters…takes on many creators’ and marketers’ assumptions…Hit Makers coats science in compelling story” —Inc

“Fascinating … Thompson has huge enthusiasm for his topic and has amassed an amazing amount of material, including many offbeat and engaging stories. … [Should] be read for insight and provocation.”  Financial Times

“[Thompson] has assembled a book in the Malcolm Gladwell tradition: telling great stories to illustrate some fascinating and often far-from-obvious theses.” Daily Mail

“Thompson’s diligent research and lively prose ensure that Hit Makers is always informative and entertaining.” Prospect

“Thompson does a really fascinating job of explaining how things become popular, drawing on a wide range of cultural phenomena, from Star Wars to the iPhone, Taylor Swift to Game of Thrones.” —Observer

“[An] engaging cultural study.” Guardian

“Spirited … An entertaining and informative guide.” The Times

“Hit Makers blends historical lessons with technological & social insights to explain what makes culture tick, and hits happen.” —Steve Case, Chairman and CEO of Revolution and Co-Founder of America Online

“Derek Thompson’s Hit Makers is a terrific read—a sparkling combination of fascinating stories, cutting-edge science, and superb business advice. Just as he does when he writes for The Atlantic, Thompson shares more interesting ideas per paragraph than practically any other writer today. Hit Makers is a bible for anyone who’s ever tried to promote practically anything, from products, people, and ideas, to books, songs, films, and TV shows.” —Adam Alter, New York Times bestselling author of Drunk Tank Pink and Irresistible

“I always read everything by Derek Thompson I see, and this book was no exception. Why things become popular is one of the most important questions in an ever-more networked world, and Derek Thompson’s Hit Makers is the best and most serious attempt to take a look at it.” —Tyler Cowen, author of The Great Stagnation and Marginal Revolution

“This book is brilliant, a fascinating exploration of the relationship between artistry and industry, the ways that everything from immigration to distribution helps create the popular imagination. You may never look at your favorite film or song the same way again. It should be required reading for anyone working in the popular arts.” Simon Kinberg, producer of The Martian, screenwriter and producer for the X-Men film franchises

“Thompson tackles the daunting subject of how products come to dominate the culture in this interdisciplinary romp that delves into many facets of the entertainment industry as well as industrial design, art history, publishing, and politics…presenting  his case with verve and a lightning chain of compact anecdotes ….This book will appeal to readers of Malcolm Gladwell as well as pop-culture enthusiasts and anyone interested in the changing media landscape.” Booklist

“How does a nice idea become an earworm, or a fashion trend, or—shudder—a meme? Atlantic senior editor Thompson ventures a few well-considered answers….Good reading for anyone who aspires to understand the machinery of pop culture—and perhaps even craft a hit of his or her own.”  Kirkus Reviews

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