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The Last Arrow Reader’s Guide

By Erwin Raphael McManus

The Last Arrow by Erwin Raphael McManus


Discussion Questions
Chapter 1: The Point of No Return
1.     What do you need to leave behind in your life? (For example, fear, toxic relationships, your job?)
2.     What is your point of no return?
3.     What excuses are you making to avoid crossing your point of no return?
4.     What is your next step?
Chapter 2: Save Nothing for the Next Life
1.     What have you been “saving for your next life”?
2.     What action steps do you need to take in order to live your one life fully alive?
3.     What do you pursue in your life instead of Jesus?
4.     How will you choose to desire Jesus with everything you have?
Chapter 3: Choose the Future
1.     How have you seen the power of choice in your life?
2.     What choices have changed the direction of your life?
3.     When have you chosen to be still instead of stepping into your future?
4.     What steps can you take to choose the future God has for you?
Chapter 4: Set Your Past on Fire
1.     Have you ever set your past on fire before?
2.     How did that shape the life you have now?
3.     Is your past an anchor or an altar?
4.     Do you need to set your past on fire?
5.     What would that look like in your life?
Chapter 5: Refuse to Stay Behind
1.     Who has the strongest voice in your life?
2.     When have you faced a fear and realized it wasn’t as scary as you imagined?
3.     How do you differentiate between a God-opportunity and a self-opportunity?
4.     What causes us to say “no” to opportunities?
5.     When have you said “yes” to a crazy opportunity, and what happened?
6.     What freedom do you think is on the other side of your fears?
Chapter 6: Act Like Your Life Depends on It
1.     Have you ever faced a situation that has caused you to reexamine your life?
2.     What are you doing right now that proves to the world, and to yourself, that you are alive?
3.     What areas in your life have become stagnant? What do you need to jump-start back to life?
4.     Can you think of a time when you plunged headlong into the future, rather than waiting for it to come to you?
Chapter 7: Stand Your Ground
1.     Have you established a predictable pattern of doing good in your life?
2.     Can you think of a time when you stood your ground? How did others respond?
3.     Can you think of a time that you wish you had stood your ground?
4.     What is your “withered hand”? What hurt in your life could help heal others when you reveal it to the world?
5.     How can standing for others prove the existence of God?
Chapter 8: Find Your Tribe
1.     Who in your life would you identify as “extraordinary”? Why?
2.     How would you describe your tribe? What are the character- istics of the group with which you spend most of your life and time?
3.     Is your tribe creating futures that you want to help build? In what way? If not, what would you change?
4.     Has there ever been a time when your tribe helped you get through an overwhelming challenge?
5.     What was that challenge, and what was the outcome?
Chapter 9: Know What You Want
1.     Who do you want to be? How will you get there?
2.     What do you want most in life?
3.     Where is one place you feel stuck in indecisiveness? What do you need to do to make a decision for the future?
4.     Where have you settled for less? Where do you need to choose to pursue passion?
Chapter 10: Battle Ready
1.     What battles are you preparing for? How?
2.     What battles should you be preparing for? What rhythms do you need to adopt to be ready?
3.     Has lack of intention ever led you to a place you never thought you’d be? Describe that place.
4.     Where do you need to recapture intention and refocus energy so that you’re ready for the battles ahead?
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