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The Human Network

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The Human Network by Matthew O. Jackson
Paperback $16.95
Feb 04, 2020 | ISBN 9781101972960

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  • Feb 04, 2020 | ISBN 9781101972960

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  • Mar 05, 2019 | ISBN 9781101871430

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“Compelling. . . . Why can’t money buy you mobility? The Human Network is most fascinating and convincing in addressing this question. . . . Professor Jackson manages not only to present a lot of complex research engagingly but to show how the key concepts of network theory relate to a wide range of contemporary issues, from financial contagions to the spread of fake news.” The New York Times

“Drawing on the academic discipline known as network theory, Mr. Jackson aims to introduce and popularize a powerful way of understanding some of modern society’s central challenges. . . . Mastering the many concepts Mr. Jackson introduces requires careful attention. But The Human Network rewards the effort.” The Wall Street Journal

“A mixture of delicious truths and ingenious sociological concepts that will convince most readers that we pay too much attention to the people around us.” Kirkus Reviews

“Networks show up as powerful forces in virtually every social science. The same phenomena appear in different disguises in different disciplines, but few scholars have the intellectual breadth to recognize these common behavior patterns, and fewer still have the ability to communicate effectively with a broad and diverse audience. Matt Jackson is one such person, and his book is a welcome introduction to this fascinating subject.” —Hal Varian, chief economist at Google

“Civilization depends on connections between people—on ‘the human network’—for trade, cooperation, and communication. In this beautifully readable and fascinating book, Matt Jackson shows that the science of networks can help answer deep questions such as why inequality and polarization arise, and how biological and financial epidemics spread.” —Eric S. Maskin, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Harvard University
“Much of what we do, and even quite a bit of what we think, is shaped by our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and increasingly our social media connections. This thought-provoking book explains how and why human networks matter so much, and why they can be a source of strength and fragility. A must-read.” —Daron Acemoglu, Professor of Economics, MIT, and co-author of the New York Times best-seller Why Nations Fail
“Spanning a rich array of topics, including the spread of epidemics and financial crises, political polarization, and economic inequality, The Human Network is a highly readable yet deeply informed survey of social life viewed through the lens of networks. Matt Jackson proves that he is not only one of the world’s leading theorists of network science; he is also one of its best expositors.” —Duncan Watts, principal researcher at Microsoft and author of Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age
“Matthew Jackson leads us through a brilliantly insightful tour of how the structures of social networks shape our lives and indeed our very humanity.” —Roger Myerson, Nobel Laureate in Economics, University of Chicago

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction: Networks and Human Behavior 3
2. Power and Influence: Central Positions in Networks 11
3. Diffusion and Contagion 44
4. Too Connected to Fail: Financial Networks 68
5. Homophily: Houses Divided 93
6. Immobility and Inequality: Network Feedback and Poverty Traps 117
7. The Wisdom and Folly of the Crowd 160
8. The Influence of Our Friends and Our Local Network Structures 198
9. Globalization: Our Changing Networks 224
Acknowledgments 241
Notes 243
Bibliography 283
Index 321

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