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The Goddesses Reader’s Guide

By Swan Huntley

The Goddesses by Swan Huntley


Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. Do you believe in karma? 

2. How did you feel as Nancy and Ana began their friendship, and how did you feel as it blossomed?

3. When did you know that Ana wasn’t necessarily the most trustworthy person?

4. Have you ever had a toxic friendship? How did it turn out? 

5. Is acting selflessly a viable way of paying restitution for the mistakes we’ve made in life?

6. When Nancy and Ana do their good deeds, are they acting selflessly or selfishly? When and how do their motives change throughout the course of the book?

7. How did you feel about Cam’s coming out? Do you think Nancy handled it well? How would you have handled it?

8. How did you feel about Nancy at the end of the book?

9. Should Nancy forgive herself? Should Ana?

10. Do you think we have the capacity to change? Is it possible to truly start over?

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