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The Heart Keeper Reader’s Guide

By Alex Dahl

The Heart Keeper by Alex Dahl


Reader’s Guide
The Heart Keeper by Alex Dahl
Questions for Discussion

1.   Who is your favorite character in The Heart Keeper, and why?

2.   How do you feel about the notion of cell memory?

3.   Why do you think Sindre and Alison are unable to support each other in their grieving processes?

4.   What do you think of Kaia’s similarities to Amalie after the heart transplant?

5.   Which character(s) elicited the most and least sympathy from you, and why?

6.   Can you understand why Alison does what she does with Kaia at the end of the book?

7.   Did the story change or challenge your ideas about organ donation? If so, how?

8.   How do you think the experience of growing close to Alison will change and affect Iselin and Kaia in the future?

9.   What were your thoughts on Iselin’s parenting style?

10. What did you believe Alison’s intentions with Kaia were as the story neared its end?

11. What are your thoughts on how Sindre managed his feelings toward Alison after the loss of Amalie?

12. What purpose do you think Oliver serves in the story?
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