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Executive Coaching for Results

Best Seller
Executive Coaching for Results by Brian O. Underhill, Kimcee McAnally and John J. Koriath
Hardcover $37.95
Nov 01, 2007 | ISBN 9781576754481

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  • Nov 01, 2007 | ISBN 9781576754481

    Also available from:

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“Finally, the best of the corporate executive coaching world all in one place!  This is the definitive guide.”
— Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There

“Required reading for HR executives, practitioners, and all students having a serious interest in the development of leadership talent.”
—Dr. Laurence S. Lyons, founding director, The Metacorp Group, and editor of Coaching for Leadership: The Practice of Leadership Coaching from the World’s Greatest Coaches

Table Of Contents

Figures and Tables
Foreword by Marshall Goldsmith
Chapter 1–Understanding the Coaching Field
What is Coaching?
Purpose of Coaching–Why?
What Does Coaching Replace?
Who Gets Coaching?
Coaching Highlights
Chapter 2–The Importance of Culture and Leadership Support
Culture Counts
Get Leadership Support
Why Is Coaching Different?
Marketing Matters
Coaching Highlights
Chapter 3:–Linking Coaching to Leadership Development, Talent Management, and Human Resource Practices
Link to the Leadership Development Strategy
Linking to the Talent Management Approach
Linking to Leadership Development and Human Resources Personnel
Coaching Highlights
Chapter 4–Managing the Coaching Engagement
Prepare the Executive for Coaching
Leaders: Make the Most of Your Coaching, Sue Brown SJ Brown & Associates; Study Researcher
Prepare the Boss for Coaching
Don’t Underestimate Matching
Watch for Stalls
Find Mismatches and Fix Them Quickly
Get Clear on Length and Frequency
Coaching Lite: the Wal-Mart Way, Heidi Glickman & Margaret Durr Wal-Mart
Reaching the APEX: How Agilent Leaders Benefit from Tiered Options for the Duration of Coaching, Christine Landon & Alison Hu Agilent Technologies
Thoughts on Duration, Carol Braddick Graham Braddick
Partnership; Study Researcher
Activities in Coaching
Know the Costs, But That’s Not All
Chapter 5–The Toolbox: Instruments and Assessments
Why Use Assessments?
Gather Feedback
Expanding the Tool Box
Determining Instrument Policies
How to Manage Tool Selection
Chapter 6–Balancing Consistency and Flexibility
Be Consistent–Or Not
Keeping Coaching Alive: Nearing a Decade of Success, Pat Santillanes, Anthony Lamera
California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS)
Add Consistency to Taste
Coaching Across 200 Companies: Providing a Systematic Framework, Respecting Entrepreneurial Cultures, Janet Matts Johnson & Johnson
Behind-the-Scenes: Managing a Global Executive Coaching Practice, Kimberly Arnold, Barbara Kenny (Dell, Inc.) & Steve Sass Alliance for Strategic Leadership
Chapter 7–Building an Internal Coaching Program
Consider the Opportunity
Compare Internal to External Coaching
The Positives of Internal Coaching
Internals as Coaches, Elaine Roberts & Kim Deutsch The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies
Internal Coaches at Intel, Lori Severson & Dorothy Lingren Intel Corporation
Challenges for Internal Coaches
Coaching Mastery at Bell Canada, Mary O’Hara Bell Canada
Coaching within Saudi Aramco, Kenneth J. Rediker, Ph.D. Saudi Aramco
The Debate Continues
Chapter 8–Measuring Impact
Start at Satisfaction with Coach
Include Impact Metrics
Ask the Boss to Assess
Follow-up with Another
Measure Return-on-Investment
Measuring the Impact, Deborah Swanson Sony Corporation
What Makes Executive Coaching Effective?, Mary-Wayne Bush The Foundation of Coaching; Raytheon
The Bottom Line
Chapter 9–The Art of Finding Qualified Coaches
Locating Coaches
Coaching Vendor Selection Process Janet Weakland, Bob Gregory and Cheryl Ramirez BP
Advantages for Using a Trusted Single Provider for Executive Coaching Sources Kristin Olsen Thrivent Financial
Screening Coaches
Unilever’s Executive Coach Assessment Process Sam Humphrey Unilever
Does Certification Matter?
Chapter 10–Creating a World Class Coaching Community
Why It Matters
Stay Connected to the Pool
Dell’s First Annual Global Coaching Forum:
Keeping the Partnership Strong Kimberly Arnold & Barbara Kenny (Dell, Inc.) & Steve Sass (Alliance for Strategic Leadership)
Building Community with Coaches Janet Matts Johnson & Johnson
Develop Coaching Talent
Know How Coaches Tick
Chapter 11–Life After Coaching
When Coaching Interventions Terminate Harris Ginsberg Chemtura Corporation
Renegotiate the Relationship
Boost the Fading Finish
Internals Can Continue Support
Keep Coaching Alive From the Inside Kevin Wilde General Mills
Beware of Dependencies
Keep the Measures Coming
Chapter 12–The Future of Coaching
Practice Standardization
Results Focused
New Forms of Coaching
Developmental Coaching William Hodgetts, Ph.D. Fidelity Investments
Coaching through Technology
Industry Trends
Closing Thoughts
Coaching Program Design Checklist
Afterword by Richard J. Leider
About the Authors
About the Contributors

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