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The Chemistry of Connection by Patrick Holford
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The Chemistry of Connection

Best Seller
The Chemistry of Connection by Patrick Holford
Sep 06, 2016 | ISBN 9781781807743

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  • Sep 06, 2016 | ISBN 9781781807743

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‘I love this book. The Chemistry of Connection literally “connects” history, science and philosophy, and really everything in a beautiful tapestry that goes right to the heart of human existence: the power of connection that makes life worth living. It is the love that binds us all not only to our most intimate ones, but to all of humanity and, truly, to all of life and beyond. He brilliantly and articulately reveals the science of how we are made for love and connection, as we hinted at years ago in our book Natural Highs. He then inspires and instruct us on how to apply that knowledge to create and enhance our experience, so that we are fully alive. Happiness is not what we have, it’s how deeply and well we connect – or, in Patrick’s words, to go “from lonely to alone to all-one”. Highly scholarly but an easy read and very funny.’
Dr Hyla Cass, former assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA school of medicine and author of The Addicted Brain

The Chemistry of Connection affirms that exploring our consciousness can lead us to happier, fuller and more integrated lives, realizing “our highest potential as human beings”. Drawing on ideas from Sufi philosophy and the ancient tantric traditions of India, together with the chemical enhancement of psychedelics, Patrick illuminates myriad pathways to happiness, all united in fostering greater connectivity.’
Amanda Feilding, director of the Beckley Foundation

‘Patrick Holford is a national treasure. The Chemistry of Connection illustrates once again his genius at taking complex subjects and cutting-edge approaches to every aspect of health, and making them not only accessible but compelling. He ignites in his readers the spark to find out for ourselves what it means to be fully human in the most celebratory and divine sense.’
Leela Miller, yoga teacher and spiritual activist

‘In this book I found a lot of surprising new, useful information, updating me professionally and personally – even for a basically healthy, meditating senior like me with a lifetime of expertise in mind–body and spiritual and psychological work.’
Beverly Feinberg-Moss PHD, clinical and health psychologist near Boston, Massachusetts

‘Patrick Holford brings together the clarity of his scientific intellect with his spiritual awareness to offer us a powerful, clear and deeply insightful manual for living a truly balanced and awake life. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or are well along your path, you’ll find wisdom and inspiration in these pages. The guidance in this book will stay with you for a long time to come.’
Sally Kempton, author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti

‘Patrick Holford’s The Chemistry of Connection should be required reading for all students of medicine, nutrition and nursing, and for all professionals in the National Health Service. His work should cause a paradigm shift. It is vital we recognize that consciousness is the universe awake to itself. Reality is purposeful. Unfortunately big pharma and its agents (usually “doctor-journalists”) will probably either ignore or try to demonize Holford’s work. Ho-Hum!’
Malcolm Stewart, former priest, UN Project Director, head of religious programmes for London weeked television and author of Patterns of Eternity and Symbols of Eternity

‘After teaching thousands how to eat themselves healthy, Patrick Holford has turned his attention to the place where religious beliefs meet the atheistic materialists’ position that we carbon-based systems are fated to come to an irrevocable stop. He brings back reports of chemically induced visions and mystical ego death experiences, juxtaposed with the wilder shores of physics and quantum theory where the scientific and the mystical share territory. Exploring important questions about the nature of reality, this shaman proves a warm and open-hearted guide offering wonder, hope and certainly more healing.’
Jerome Burne, award-winning medical journalist, co-author of Ten Secrets of Healthy Ageing and Food is Better Medicine Than Drugs and editor of

‘I fully endorse the mens sana in corpore sano philosophy that Patrick so persuasively elucidates in this inspiring book. What I found really compelling was the degree to which he illustrates that these are not just issues about human health and wellbeing, but that there are political and social issues that need to be addressed if humankind is to benefit from this historically unique opportunity to create a more just, peaceful and healthy global society. Patrick’s book gives us the ammunition to fight and win this battle… peacefully.’
Craig Sams, co-founder of WholeEarth foods, green & blacks and carbon gold biochar, and former chairman of the soil association

‘Patrick is a prolific and respected writer for a reason – he is passionate and knowledgeable and wants to share this to transform the world. This book is a clear and grounded guide on how we can reconnect – which is what we all want. An inspired balance of knowledge and practice, based on his own experience and learning, to empower us so we can each do this for ourselves, and he doesn’t hold back on what we need to do.’
Jonathan Sattin, founder and managing director of Triyoga, London

‘This is an impressive book – well researched and incredibly comprehensive. The author is expert with a vast range of knowledge, and he draws meaningful parallels to modern-day challenges of both individuals and society as a whole.It is unique in that it brings spiritual wisdom traditions together with recent scientific discoveries. At the same time, it reads like a personal journey and is brought to life with anecdotes, stories and the experiences of the author.’
Lainie Heneghan, management consultant

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