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Our Last Days in Barcelona Reader’s Guide

By Chanel Cleeton

Our Last Days in Barcelona by Chanel Cleeton


Reader’s Guide
Our Last Days in Barcelona by Chanel Cleeton
Discussion Questions:

1.   Our Last Days in Barcelona alternates between Isabel’s story in the 1960s and Alicia and Rosa’s stories in the 1930s. Which heroine did you identify with the most? What differences did you see in their characters? What similarities?

2.   Each of the Perez siblings handles exile differently. Which sister do you identify with the most? Whose experiences and perspectives could you relate to? What traits do the sisters share and how are they different?

3.   How does her exile from Cuba impact Isabel? How do her feelings change throughout the novel?

4.   Of all the Perez siblings, Isabel is the most like her mother, Alicia. What similarities did you see in their personalities? How did their life experiences impact their choices? What differences do you see between them?

5.   Both Isabel and Diego are influenced by the impact war and exile has played on their families and lives. How have those experiences shaped their decisions and personalities? How does that affect their relationship?

6.   What parallels do you see between Spain and Cuba’s political histories? What differences?

7.   Family loyalty and expectations play a large role in the novel. How does each heroine grapple with the expectations that are placed on them? Do you agree with their choices? How would you have handled them?

8.   How did your opinion of Alicia and Isabel change from the previous novels once you read Our Last Days in Barcelona from their points of view? Did the novel help you to understand their behavior in Next Year in Havana and When We Left Cuba? Was there anything new you learned about them? Did anything surprise you?

9.   Many of the characters make sacrifices for their families and for those around them. What examples of sacrifice did you see in the novel? How do you think you would have acted in similar situations?
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