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Reader’s Guide
Shutter by Melissa Larsen
Discussion Questions:

1. If you were in Betty’s position, would you have said yes to Anthony’s offer? Would you have stayed on the island and acted in the movie? Why or why not?
2. Do you think Sofìa knew what she was getting her friend into when she introduced Betty to Anthony? How does that make you feel about Sofia?
3. Over the course of the novel, we see that Betty’s relation‑ ship with her mother is strained. Who is more to blame for the way their relationship has deteriorated—Betty or her mother?
4. Was Anthony abusing his power as a celebrity and as the film’s director in his relationship with Betty?

5. Is Betty a willing participant in the film, or has she been taken advantage of? Has she chosen what she wants?
6. Is  Fear  really  Anthony’s  way  of  working  through  past trauma? Or is he being vengeful?
7.  Discuss Betty’s relationship with her father. Why do you think he told Betty he was planning to commit suicide? Do you think he was being manipulative in any way?
8.  Was Sammy’s death really a matter of self‑defense? Who is complicit in his death, and why?
9. What does the future hold for Betty and Anthony? One of the major themes in the novel is the meaning of inti‑ macy and the role secrets play in relationships. Do you think Betty and Anthony will be able to find happiness given the secret they now share?
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