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The Man Who Died Twice Reader’s Guide

By Richard Osman

The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman


Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. The novel kicks off when Elizabeth is reunited with her ex-husband, Douglas, who admits to stealing twenty million pounds’ worth of diamonds. Where do you think Douglas hid the diamonds? Were you correct?

2. What do you think you and your friends would do if you stumbled across twenty million dollars? How would you split it? What’s the first thing you would buy? What do you think your friends would buy? What charities would you support?

3. Ibrahim is accosted by teenagers while out on the town by himself, a traumatic event that lands him in the hospital and ultimately results in him completely withdrawing from his friends’ outings. As he recovers, Ibrahim thinks to himself: “They say a man who desires revenge should dig two graves, and this is surely right.” What do you think he meant by this?  

4. Once more, Elizabeth somehow seems to be ten steps ahead of everyone else. Did you doubt her instincts at any point? If so, why? What makes her such a good leader for the group? Who would you rather have on your side, Elizabeth or Bogdan?

5. Have you ever been lonely in a new town? How did you overcome it?

6. Did you suspect Joyce’s friendship bracelets would play the role they did in solving the mystery of the missing diamonds? What about the locket? When did you know, and why?

7. Who is your worst ex?

8. How do you think the dynamics of the Thursday Murder Club shifted once Ibrahim stepped back after his assault? Did the Club’s relationship with Donna and Chris or Bogdan change in any way? Discuss. 

9. Do the books in the Thursday Murder Club series make you want to visit England, or avoid it at all costs?

10. Did you guess how the dead-letter drops would be used in the novel? If you had to hide something, what would you use for a dead-letter drop?

11. Who did you think was behind the murders? Were you correct

12. Would you be happy with a dog named Alan? What is an acceptable name for a pet, and what is unacceptable?

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