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Dead Collections Reader’s Guide

By Isaac Fellman

Dead Collections by Isaac Fellman


Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. Vampires exist in this novel not in the traditional lore sense, but as individuals suffering from a disease called vampirism. Why do you think the author made this choice?

2. What similarities do you see between vampirism and being transgender? What kind of relationship does Sol have with his body and how does this relationship explore concepts of gender and body in our world?

3. Sol and Elsie both have attachments to several different series and were part of fandoms. Have you ever been part of a fandom? If so, what were some of the good and bad experiences you had as part of that fandom? If not, why do you think people get involved in fandom?

4. The internet of the nineties was a very different world from the one that exists today. Did you get to experience it? Did you ever have experiences of community or discussion similar to Sol’s and Elsie’s

5. How do the internet and fandom become a place and way for LGBTQ+ individuals to connect with one another but also explore their identity?

6. As a fellow LGBTQ+-identifying woman, Florence has had to deal with many of the same things Sol and Elsie have, yet lacks compassion for them at times. What do you think of Florence? Discuss

7. The idea of the archive holds a romantic quality, but as we see from Sol’s work, there is also a level of tediousness. What do you think about this profession? Why is archiving important?

8. Eidolism is a particular effect vampires have on their environments. Discuss the idea of eidolism as a supernatural event, but also as a metaphor for decay in the real world.

9. Sol beautifully tells Else it’s okay to want a custom body that doesn’t fit into the traditional binary. What was your experience with the gender binary growing up? Has it changed over time? If you feel comfortable talking about them, what have been your experiences within this system?

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