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For the Love of the Bard Reader’s Guide

By Jessica Martin

For the Love of the Bard by Jessica Martin


Reader’s Guide
For the Love of the Bard by Jessica Martin
Discussion Questions:

1.   If you could live in Bard’s Rest, would you, and if yes, what would be the name of your Shakespearean-themed storefront? Note: This author’s vote is for Much Ado About Dumplings, which a friend came up with after I’d already written and deeply committed to Much Ado About Pastry.

2.   The Barnes sisters are a talented bunch. Would you most like to have Miranda as your literary agent, Portia as your attorney, or Cordy as your personal chef?

3.   Early on, Miranda struggles with writer’s block. What do you think ultimately helps her push through it? What serves you best when you’re trying to solve a conundrum?

4.   Clan Barnes is a close-knit crew. What do you think of the way they interact with one another and weather family crises? Ready to sign up to be an honorary Barnes?

5.   Miranda and Adam have to overcome their past to move forward. Miranda struggles to trust Adam as a result of what happened on prom night, while Adam wrestles with his guilt. If you were in Miranda’s shoes, could you move forward and forgive Adam? If you were Adam, would you be able to forgive yourself and move on?

6.   If you could write the next chapter in Miranda’s life, would she still be a writer? A literary agent? Both? Neither? If you are choosing to have her continue on as a writer, what’s her next project?

7.   Puck is a pivotal character in that he advances the plot and contributes to Miranda’s emotional well-being. Would you like to pet him a little or a whole lot? (Hint: This would be a perfect moment during book club to steer the conversation to pets.)

8.   Miranda and Adam each derive deep satisfaction from their careers. When the future of their romantic relationship clashes with their careers, they must make difficult decisions. Did you agree with their choices? Did they feel authentic to you?

9.   Unsurprisingly, Miranda drops a lot of Shakespearean quotes over the course of the novel. What’s your favorite Shakespearean quote or insult? Yes, you can use Google. This author loves muttering “crack of doom” under her breath when something goes awry.
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