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Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date Reader’s Guide

By Ashley Herring Blake

Iris Kelly Doesn't Date by Ashley Herring Blake


Reader’s Guide
Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date by Ashley Herring Blake
Discussion Questions:

1. Iris and Stevie are quite different in personality, but connect in a way they haven’t with anyone else—why do you think they work?

2. Stevie struggles with an anxiety disorder. Can you identify ways that her anxiety debilitates parts of her day-to-day life as well as big-picture things? Is there any part that you can relate to?

3. Iris tries something new to get out of her funk and find inspiration. How do you gain inspiration, and what’s the last new thing you’ve tried?

4. Do you have a favorite Shakespeare play? Would you ever want to try acting in a play?

5. Would you move across the country for someone?

6. Do you think Adri was still in love with Stevie?

7. Iris insisted she didn’t need love to be happy—is she right? In what ways does love enhance our lives? Are there situations in which we really do need love—or some form of it—to be happy?

8. Stevie was worried about moving far away from her friends and community, but she’s able to maintain her friendships and also make new ones. Do you have long-distance friends? How do you stay connected?
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