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Exurbia Now Teacher’s Guide

By David Masciotra

Exurbia Now by David Masciotra



  1. What is “exurbia,” and how does it differ from suburbia?
  2. How has suburbia changed in the past thirty years, and how has that transformation led to the growth of exurbia?
  3. Why is exurbia the most important political territory for the radical right wing?
  4. What are the factors that make the exurbs advantageous and attractive to reactionary Republicans? 
  5. What does the popularity of heavy duty pickup trucks suggest about American culture and politics?
  6. What are the meanings of the terms “Nowhere, USA” and “The Liberal City”?
  7.  How do the economics of exurbia complicate the prevalent media story of “rural” and “working class” Trump support? 
  8. Why do the voting patterns of young Americans, and the changes in large metro suburbs, indicate a more progressive future?
  9. Who is Robert Cotton, and why should his story inspire progressive Americans?
  10. The mainstream media often neglects geography in its assessment of elections and current events. Why is political geography crucial to understanding the present and future of American politics?

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