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Publisher’s Corrections for Vicious Circle

In an early printing of Vicious Circle, the following errors were identified and have been corrected.

In chapter 10, Missy Van Keuren was accused of killing her fifth husband, Bud Longbrake. Her fifth husband was Earl Alden.

In chapter 12, Joe Pickett is described as attending a funeral wearing “a jacket and tie and his $2,500 silver-belly Stetson Rancher,” when he really wore “a jacket and tie and his $900 black Resistol Cattle Baron.”

In chapter 21, Dallas steps over Cross, not Cates, when he’s in the kitchen with Luthi and Cross.

In chapter 26, when Joe and Brenda are arguing, she accuses him of being there “when Eldon broke his neck falling in that hole.” This should read “when Eldon got brained with a rock in that hole.”

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