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Need help reaching your reading goal this year?

Most people say that they want to read more. So maybe all we need is a reminder.

Sign up for Read Receipts to receive text reminders that will kickstart your reading habit.

Here's what you'll get over the next 12 weeks:

Voice Notes From Authors

On Sundays, you’ll receive a voice memo from celebrity authors like Matthew McConaughey, Padma Lakshmi, and more, sharing their favorite books and how they make time for reading.

Habit-building Tips

On Tuesdays, we're diving into the science of how to build a habit that actually lasts. So you'll get a practical tip for keeping your reading goals on track.

Reading Challenges

On Thursdays, we'll get you ready for the weekend with a challenge specifically tailored to your reading goal. Sign up with a friend to keep each other on track!

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