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Splash: The Best of Watercolor Series

Rachel Wolf
Splash 15 by Rachel Wolf
Splash 19 by Rachel Rubin Wolf
Splash 20 by Rachel Rubin Wolf

Splash: The Best of Watercolor Series : Titles in Order

Book 20
While any subject can be developed with a variety of compositional strategies, in most cases, it is not the subject but the composition of the work that gives a painting its originality and appeal. How you compose your painting determines the way people will view it and how they will be affected by it emotionally. This special 20th edition features the best watercolor paintings selected from an international call for entries, along with instructive, insightful commentary on the theme of Creative Compositions and a special gallery of cover art from the past 19 editions.

   • 128 stunning watercolor paintings by 120+ accomplished artists
   • Artists speak to artists, with captions revealing their inspirations and techniques, allowing readers to appreciate the work on a deeper level
   • Themed chapters include cityscapes, animals, interiors, still lifes, portraits, landscapes, seascapes and more
 A brilliant representation of contemporary watercolor, this book continues the proud tradition that has made Splash the longest-running "best of watercolor" competition series.
Book 19
Illuminating the Best in Watercolor Painting!

"If tonal value is the structure–the bones and muscle–of the painting, the illusion of light gives a painting its soul…. There would be no art, no life, without light."
-Rachel Wolf (p5)

Like moths to a flame, watercolor artists are forever fascinated, sometimes obsessed, and often frustrated by their quest to capture the elusive qualities of light. Splash 19 showcases 125+ shining successes, fresh out of the studios of today's top artists.

These artists revel in the possibilities of light, reflection, refraction, and shadows. Their paintings celebrate the magic that happens when light dances across the landscape, bounces around a still life, or pierces a rainy city night. From the riot of reflections on water, to a cat basking in the sun, to the inner glow of innocence in a child's expression…light brings this work to life.

Alongside each painting, commentary from the artist offers firsthand insight into how they use light to create mood, tell a story, or evoke a sense of time and place. A brilliant representation of contemporary watercolor, this 19th volume continues the proud tradition that has made Splash the longest-running "best of watercolor" competition series.

   • Paintings from more than 100 of today's leading contemporary artists, selected from thousands of entries
   • Captions reveal inspirations and techniques, allowing readers to appreciate the work on a deeper level
   • Themed chapters include cityscapes, animals, interiors, still life, portraits, landscapes, seascapes and more

"A gift of painting is this power to create the light we want to tell the story we choose." -Kathryn Keller Larkins (p 31)

"Light can change a rather ordinary subject into something extraordinary!" -Kathie George (p44)

"While painting, I became absorbed again by the emotional power of light streaming into a darkened room to create a beautiful tableau from a modest glass of flowers." -David Cox (p112)

"I find nothing more magical than wandering through forests of towering trees letting dappled streams of light filter their way toward me, challenging me to capture that moment in time." -Erica Qualey (p128)
Book 17
A revealing gesture, a brilliant quality of light, a particularly perfect bloom… This volume of Splash is dedicated to those glorious sparks of inspiration, and the stories of how 129 artists fanned them into some of today's greatest watercolor paintings. The emotional connection between subject and artist resonates in these pages, delivering the caliber of art and insight that has made Splash a perennial favorite.

   • 135 paintings, reproduced in large, juicy color
   • A diverse range of styles and subjects, including still lifes, portraits, city scenes, animals and landscapes
   • Commentary reveals the artists' passion, approaches and techniques
 The artists spotlighted inside found inspiration in even unlikely places. They spotted it in peeling paint, the faces of strangers, and the view from the kitchen window. They found beauty in places as poetic as Paris, and as seemingly pedestrian as a dilapidated shed. From a hawk proudly posed against a cloudless, cerulean sky to an everyday table setting transformed by light into a kaleidoscope of color, these are the moments that stopped artists in their tracks, to create the kind of paintings that do the same.
"Whatever made you hold your breath or turn your head the first time you saw it, that is what you should paint!" –Kathleen Lanzoni
Book 16
100 top artists share the tricks behind their textures!

Have you ever stood fascinated before a painting, wondering, “How did they do that?” In this 16th book in the ever-popular Splash series, 100 of today’s top watercolor artists share the techniques behind the remarkable textures that bring their subjects to life. You’ll learn how to create the look of rippling water, backlit glass, fur, fruit, stone, textiles, rust and a world of other illusions that make viewers forget–if only for an instant–that they are looking at mere pigment on paper.

   • 130+ brilliant paintings and the stories behind them
   • The how’s behind a multitude of textures, from the delicate softness of rose petals and the flush on the cheek of a sleeping child, to peeling paint, and reflections on polished metal
   • Six subject-themed chapters explore landscapes, close-ups, animals, urban scenes, still lifes, machines and people
These pages are filled with experiments, happy accidents and techniques perfected over a lifetime. Discover the many ways color is drybrushed, layered and manipulated…applied with plastic wrap, chopped brushes, sponges and fingers…sprayed, splattered, scrubbed and sanded…whatever it takes to achieve that sense of believability. A palpable display of artistic invention, Splash 16 celebrates the magnificent versatility of the medium. Can you feel it?

“When it comes to texture, just go for it–wash, scrub, glaze, scratch and lift!” –Yael Maimon, p39

“Music is what feelings sound like and paintings are what feelings look like.” –Judi Betts, p107
Book 15
In this 15th volume of the highly celebrated Splash series, 100+ of today’s most accomplished watercolor artists share some of their favorite paintings and the “a-ha!” moments behind them.

These artists have found the perfect creative solutions for expressing their unique visions, e it a slice of urban life, a pure white peony, or something as elusive as the spirit of one very special dog. How to depict thousands of birds in flight? Start with a random application of masking fluid. Background competing with your subject? Summon the courage and go for an all-over wash. Searching for a distinctively un-postcard-like composition of Paris’s most formidable landmark? Jump the fence peer through a rosebush, and voila!

Splash 15 is about novel approaches, beautiful accents, and fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants moments, all illustrated through brilliant work and anecdotal captions. Rejoice in the beauty and adaptability of the medium, as well as the ingenuity and passion of its artists. Maybe even discover fresh solutions for telling the kind of stories you want to tell with watercolor.

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