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Dragon Puncher Series

James Kochalka
Dragon Puncher Book 3: Dragon Puncher Punches Back by James Kochalka
Available on (09-20-22)

Dragon Puncher Book 3: Dragon Puncher Punches Back

Book 3
Hardcover $9.99

Dragon Puncher Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The Eisner Award–winning graphic novel series that combines comics, cats, goofy photography, and nonstop silly action now makes a triumphant return!

The world has been waiting a full decade for a new installment in this Eisner Award–winning series, and now it’s finally here! Let the battle begin…again!
The world’s cutest book series about a cat who punches stuff just got even cuter, because this time the dragon is a big, cute, baby one! Dragon Puncher’s human sidekick, Spoony, has got his fuzzy monster pajamas and a new-and-improved extra-long spoon, so he’s ready for anything. But Dragon Puncher mistakes a big ball of yarn for an evil dragon, which attracts the attention of a real dragon. Still, it doesn’t matter who started it. If you punch Dragon Puncher, then Dragon Puncher punches back!
Book 2
We know the Dragon Puncher is a heroic warrior kitty in a robot battle-suit. But who is this new, fierce, fighting feline? And what outrageous adventures await on… Dragon Puncher Island?! Twice the punching and twice the laughs, that’s for sure!
Book 1
From the fertile mind of James Kochalka (Johnny Boo, Pinky & Stinky) comes an all-new fantasy adventure for all ages! Meet the Dragon Puncher, a cute but ruthless kitty in an armored battle suit, dedicated to defeating dangerous dragons wherever they may be. The Dragon Puncher and his would-be sidekick Spoony-E (a fuzzy little fellow armed with a wooden spoon) confront a gigantic, drooling dragon and have a ridiculous, hilarious brawl.

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