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Blackguard Series

Ryo Hanada
Blackguard 1 by Ryo Hanada
Blackguard 4 by Ryo Hanada
Blackguard 5 by Ryo Hanada

Blackguard Series : Titles in Order

Book 5
Your life is yours. Don’t live for anyone but yourself.

The PL-41 virus brought home from outer space has left the world unrecognizable. No place is safe, and no one knows when they’ll die. But every single person still has the privilege—and burden—to decide what to do with their own life.

Will they fight for themselves, for their loved ones, or choose death? Minami, once so fixated on dying, found someone dear to him and now grasps onto the last sliver of hope…and freedom.

The newest dark fantasy series by Ryo Hanada—the creator of Devils’ Line—now comes to its pulse-pounding end!

Book 4
Minami, what would you do if Miyaji asked you to kill him?

A new breed of shojo has invaded Pricketpolis. The city has fallen into chaos, and no one is safe. Some promise their loved ones that they will take their lives if they turn into a monster, while others refuse to.

As Minami fights to protect the city, he must make a choice. Will he, or will he not, kill the people dear to him?

Book 3
I don’t want to lose you.

Minami has never really felt any sort of attachment to the world around him…until now. Miyaji is infected, and all Minami can think about is how to save his comrade-in-arms.

Meanwhile, Todoroki has vanished after discovering an explosive secret about the virus, and Kawakami—with the help of a few others—starts looking for answers. Who is the real enemy, and what is the true nature of the virus?

Amidst the confusion and disarray, Miyaji is slowly transforming into a shojo, and Minami makes a shocking decision.

Book 2
What does it mean to be alive?

Minami—a young Guard who’s rumored to be invincible—thinks about dying every day. In a world overrun by ape-like creatures called shojo, he has battled alone and thrown himself into all kinds of danger. And no matter what horror he’s faced, he has betrayed no hints of fear, resentment, or despair.

But when his newly assigned partner Miyaji gets bitten, Minami panics. He swings the Black Sword and severs Miyaji’s leg to stop the infection from spreading and turning his partner into a shojo. But now, left with a grave injury, Miyaji is on the verge of dying—and Minami, perhaps for the first time ever, is paralyzed by the thought of death.

Ryo Hanada, the creator of Devils’ Line, brings to you an immersive and emotionally charged continuation of her newest series.  
Book 1

The world is no longer what it used to be. Shojo—ferocious, ape-like creatures who feed on humans—roam the land, and anyone who’s bitten becomes infected with the same mysterious virus.

Humanity has resisted by building aerial cities and forming special units called Guards to fight back. Among them, a young man with a blank stare battles without regard for his life—Minami. People call him a messiah, but their only hope has a constant death wish and defends them day in and day out simply because he still breathes…

A dark post-apocalyptic fantasy from the creator of Devils’ Line, Ryo Hanada!

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