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Carre Series

Susan Johnson
To Please a Lady by Susan Johnson
Outlaw by Susan Johnson

Carre Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
She risked everything for a Scottish outlaw who would do whatever it takes…

Author of more than a dozen national bestsellers, award winner Susan Johnson is unmatched when it comes to writing novels that thrill, excite, and seduce. Now she once again captivates with this exciting historical novel of sensual adventure and forbidden love….

Roxane Forrestor was determined to live life on her own terms–even in a man’s world. The beautiful Countess of Kilmarnock had so far survived the political and romantic intrigues of Scotland’s most powerful suitors. So why couldn’t she resist the brash Robbie Carre? Why did she find it impossible to throw the rebel earl out of her bedchamber even though it meant harboring a wanted man?

Robbie cared nothing for his own safety. But he knew all too well that his ruthless enemies, desperate to capture him, would use Roxie and her children as pawns. He would brave the odds to protect them, would fight for his fugitive love with Roxie…even if their stolen moments of pleasure cost him his life.
Book 1
He was a wild rogue who filled her with ecstasy—and impossible longings.
She should have been afraid, for he towered over her, holding her captive with eyes that smoldered with barely leashed passion, but what Elizabeth Graham felt instead was an answering fire. He was her enemy, the infamous Laird of Ravensby, a bold privateer who’d abducted her to win his brother’s freedom from an English dungeon. Yet even though tomorrow they’d be adversaries once more, tonight she could not deny herself the pleasure of his touch.

She was a temptress who made him ache with desire—and forget they were enemies.
The lady was his prisoner, completely at his mercy, yet when the feisty angel whose hair glittered with moonlight stood proudly before him and insisted he spend the night, Johnnie Carre was shocked to feel a restless, aching need to possess her, to taste her secrets and make her his forever. But keeping her with him would force a battle with leacherous foes—men who’d vowed to tear his beloved from his arms and send him to the gallows.

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