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Artefacts of Power Series

Maggie Furey
Aurian by Maggie Furey
Harp of Winds by Maggie Furey
Sword of the Flame by Maggie Furey

Artefacts of Power Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The magnificent epic that Maggie Furey began in Aurian and continued in Harp of Winds soars to new heights of enchantment as Aurian and Anvar face unforeseen peril in their quest for a lost artifact of power

At last the lovely Lady Aurian has regained her powers, and golden spring unlocks the iron bonds of a sorcerous winter. But still the corrupt Archmage Miathan’s curse follows her. And as she and her beloved soulmate, Anvar, quest northward toward the ravaged city of Nexis, they are pursued to the very gates of death by betrayal, madness, and forbidden spellcraft. Only by invoking the highest magic can they hope to find the Sword of Flame, last of the four great weapons fashioned eons ago. Only by awakening its might can they save a world newly threatened by a dark Mage as powerful as Miathan, and even more vicious. . . .
Book 2
With Aurian, Maggie Furey made her dazzling debut as fantasy’s newest star. Now the magnificent saga of Aurian and her people sweeps on in a blaze of glory, terror, and mystic enchantment. . . . 

Driven from the holy city of Nexis by the crazed Archmage Miathan, the flame-haired Lady Aurian has survived the deadly sandstorms of the South. But now, round with child and bereft of her magic powers, she and her beloved Anvar have set forth on the perilous journey back—bearing the incandescent Staff of Earth that may be the key to healing a world rent by cataclysm. Before them lies a land locked in the icy grip of eternal winter by Miathan’s powerful sorcery. Can they battle their way through and, fulfilling the destiny crafted for them centuries before, destroy the dark forces gathered there.
Book 1
Fast-paced, richly imagined, and filled with unforgettable characters, Aurian is a stunning debut from a talented author.

To the city of Nexis, where magefolk in their white-walled towers rule uneasily over a restive race of Morals, a young girl comes to learn the magic arts. Aurian, a quicksilver swordswoman, has inherited Earth-magic from her mother and Fire-magic from her father. Unawakened within her lie far greater powers, coveted by the Archmage Miathan, who intends to possess her. But Aurian bravely flouts the Mages’ Code and takes a mortal lover.

Maddened by rage and jealousy, the corrupt Archmage schemes to destroy her, unleashing cataclysmic forces from a lost age. Aurian is the only Mage strong enough to oppose Miathan, but to do so she must take up forbidden weapons of long-lost magic, at grave peril of her own destruction . . . or the annihilation of her very world.

“Rich, colorful and infinitely enchanting . . . Will give enormous pleasure to fantasy readers.”—David Gemmell

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