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Tecumseh Fox Series

Rex Stout
Double for Death by Rex Stout
Bad for Business by Rex Stout
The Broken Vase by Rex Stout

Tecumseh Fox Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
When death stages a performance at Carnegie Hall, Tecumseh Fox goes backstage to catch the killer who pulled the strings. Who stole the dead man’s Stradivarius—only to send it back? And what about the deadly duet featuring a stolen Ming vase and an afternoon cocktail laced with cyanide? Throw in an accompanist who plays all the wrong notes, a jealous sister straight out of Italian opera, and a chorus of suspects with a cacophony of lies and alibis. Suddenly Fox has to step up the temp before the killer makes an encore—a sinister sonata composed in the key of murder.

Introduction by Sister Carol Anne O’Marie

“A top-flight detective story.”—The New York Times Book Review

Book 2
Someone has been doctoring the gourmet appetizers at family-run Tingley’s Titbits. And when old man Tingley meets a sudden end, suspicion falls on a gorgeous young detective whose fingerprints are on the knife. Moved by feminine beauty and professional courtesy, Tecumseh Fox takes the case, only to find he’s got more on his plate than he bargained for. Suddenly he has enough suspects to fill a fair-sized cocktail party. On the menu are corporate pirates, crackpot economics, a license plate that doesn’t exist, and a phone conversation with a dead man. Now it’s up to Fox to provide the missing ingredient in this smorgasbord of absurdity: a cold-blooded killer.
Book 1
Tecumseh Fox has a sharp eye for solving murders—but this time he’s seeing double. Fox has been hired by the headstrong niece of a man charged in the shooting of wealthy financier Ridley Thorpe. The problem is that there are two gorgeous suspects, two powerful motives, two hotheaded suitors, and two murder weapons. And to top it off, Ridley Thorpe, or someone claiming to be him, is not only alive and well but has an airtight alibit for the night of the shooting. Only one thing is certain: Fox doesn’t have long to put two and two together before the real killer strikes again.

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