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Kingdoms Series

Angus Wells
The Way Beneath: Kingdoms, Book 3 by Angus Wells
The Usurper: Kingdoms, Book 2 by Angus Wells

Kingdoms Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
A thrilling adventure of courage and magic by a remarkable new talent in fantasy, The Way Beneath is the explosive conclusion to The Books of the Kingdoms.

Years ago, the sacred Book of Kyrie prophesied that a champion would lead the Three Kingdoms in battle against the demonic sorcerer Taws and his barbarian Horde—sent by the wrathful war-god Ashar to tear kingdoms apart.

When the young prince Kendryn Caitin defeated Taws and his forces, the Three Kingdoms joined in proclaiming him and his wise and beautiful bride, Wynett, heirs to the throne. Now comes the challenge of ruling nations—and Kedryn feels inadequate to the task.

As the Three Kingdoms forge a new leadership and Kedryn and Wynett begin their life together, all are certain that the battle is over at last. But concealed by darkness, Ashar’s anger simmers—and he waits. His minion may have failed. But his diabolical cause is not forgotten. . . .

“Angus Wells writes with a touch of magic. . . . This is High Fantasy of the most exhilarating kind.”—Robert Holdstock, author of Mythago Wood
Book 2
A vivid and exciting tale of courage, adventure, and dark magic by an exciting new fantasy talent, The Usurper is the second spellbinding novel in The Books of the Kingdoms.

Kedryn, the young prince prophesied the sacred Book of Kyrie, has led the Three Kingdoms to victory over the barbaric northern Hordes commanded by the demonic Taws, the fire-born Messenger of the war-god Ashar. But victory had a terrible price. Kedryn was blinded by an ensorcelled sword in his hour of triumph.

Now he must journey into the abode of the dead, accompanied by his beloved Wynett, on a perilous quest to confront the shade of the warrior who wielded the blade. In Kendryn’s absence, Taws the Messenger rises again, using his terrible magic to foment bloodshed and rebellion among the Kingdoms.

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