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Brides of Destiny Series

Karen Leabo
Callie's Cowboy by Karen Leabo
Lana's Lawman by Karen Leabo
Millicent's Medicine Man by Karen Leabo

Brides of Destiny Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Here is author Karen Leabo’s poignant and heartwarming story of two people who have struggled through profound loss—only to find love again in each other’s arms.
The last place that recently widowed Millicent Jones wants to deliver her baby is on the front steps of her farmhouse, deep in the Texas backcountry. Luckily for Millicent, help is on the way, in the (incredibly handsome) form of Dr. Jase Desmond. Unluckily for her, Jase ushers little Mary Jane Jones into the world in the back of the ambulance. Overcome by her tenacity, the doctor makes a gambit for his pretty patient. And though Millie must admit he’s quite a catch, she’s just not fishing for a man right now—or maybe ever.
Dr. Jase Desmond has been going through the motions for years. Ever since his wife passed away, Jase has struggled to keep his family together. He may be dreadfully out of practice when it comes to women, but Millicent makes him want to embrace life again. Despite her reluctance—and the fact that their oldest children can’t stand one another—Jase is determined to prove to Millicent that loving him would not be a betrayal . . . but a perfect new beginning.
Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: The Escape Diaries, The Devil’s Thief, and The Magic.
Book 2
In a tender story of fateful encounters and second chances, Karen Leabo maps the territory of true yearning and its power to heal old sorrows.
Though it’s been years since Sloan Bennett has seen Lana Gaston, time melts instantly when he comes to her rescue during a Texas thunderstorm. Lana was everything a teenage bad boy couldn’t have . . . but she felt like his for three magical weeks. Then she broke his heart—and Sloan walked away from Destiny, Texas. But now he’s back, wearing a badge, and wondering if fate has decided to give him another chance.
A struggling single mom, Lana can’t help looking back at all the wrong choices she made. With Sloan so close again, she’s filled with old regrets and deep new longing. Could the silly souvenir of a policeman’s badge, given to her by a fortune-teller, have more meaning than she ever dared to dream? Once, Lana didn’t have the courage to tell Sloan how much she cared. So she hurt him instead. But as his sensual lips dare to kiss away yesterday’s pain, she’ll risk her heart to let him know that this time, she’s his forever.
Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Blaze of Winter, Light My Fire, and Santerra’s Sin.
Book 1
Under the Texas moon, Karen Leabo explores the deep longings that lead to romance in a poignant tale of young love and faraway memories, tender promises and revealing truths.
His soul was at home in the West—whether riding a bull at a rodeo or working the family ranch—but his heart belonged to her. Though Sam Sanger had always planned on sharing his life with Callie Calloway, he understood, even in high school, that loving this woman might mean letting her go. He lost her when she chose college, refusing to walk a day in his boots.
It was just a carnival fortuneteller’s silly prediction—that Callie was destined to marry Sam. Still, Callie pulled away, afraid of sacrificing her own dreams. Ten years later, having become the editor of the local newspaper, she’s finally ready to wonder: Was she wrong about Sam? When tragedy strikes, Callie and Sam are thrown together again, alarmed by the force of a first love that still burns with hurt feelings and unrequited desire. Only now, Callie will have to see if she’s brave enough to make her own destiny.
Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Deep Autumn Heat, The Last Warrior, and Kevin’s Story.
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