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Air Gear Series

Air Gear 18 by Oh!great
Air Gear 36 by Oh!great
Air Gear 37 by Oh!great

Air Gear Series : Titles in Order

Book 37


The fate of all humanity rests in balance as Ikki and Ringo battle to overcome Sora’s cruel plan for the world. In order to win, they’ll need bravery, sacrifice, and an ingenious plan–but will it all come together in time? With street gangs racing and fighting to save the entire human race, the epic story of Air Gear reaches its stunning conclusion!

Book 36

The final battle for the fate of the world of the Air Trecks is underway, pitting Ikki and Ringo against Sora and Rika! It’s a white-knuckled, no-holds-barred race to the surface through the massive Tower of Trophaeum, and now that the best riders on the planet are finally facing off, victory will only come with great sacrifice. But when Sora reveals a stunning secret, Ikki realizes that the game has changed, and winning is more important than even he could have imagined…
Book 35

At last, the stage is set for the final battle! When the Tower of Trophaeum finally takes its true form, only one competition is left: a winner-take-all Parts War with Ikki and Ringo on one side, and Sora and Rika on the other! And nothing less than the fate of the world may be at stake…
Book 34
On their mission to rescue Rika, Ikki and the crew take to the skies and attack via aircraft! Meanwhile, Agito and Buccha emerge from some fierce fights with a harrowingly narrow victory, and Ikki sees through Nue’s trick and earns the Thunder Regalia core. Though things seem to be turning in Nike’s favor, Onigiri steers him into combat against Kazu and Aeon. The grand battle heats up as Nike takes on the two opponents, but the aftermath may turn out to be even messier than the fight itself…

Includes special extras after the story!
Book 33

Time is running out atop the aircraft carrier Colonel Sanders. While Ikki competes with the powerful Nue on the flight deck to convince him of where his loyalties should lie, the other core members of Team Kogarasumaru are below decks, fighting for their lives against the deadly Nike, twin brother to Sora Takeuchi. And defeating a foe who values nothing will require great sacrifice…
Book 32
In the midst of all this fighting, the truth of Gazelle, the “First Set of Wings,” is told. In his younger days, Kaito came across a girl who flew like a bird, and he fell in love. Dr. Minami built Gazelle with the very first “heart to fly.” The Takeuchi twins attack them in the hope of gaining her powers. The fate that binds Gazelle, Kaito and Agito is slowly revealed…
Book 31
Kogarasumaru struggles in the battle…until a huge gang of riders arrives to help, along with Kaito and his anti-rider G-men! Meanwhile, Kururu and Ringo are rushing to the ship to finish up the Storm Regalia. But when the enemy unexpectedly attacks, the Storm Regalia core–the secret to their victory in the battle–is shattered…
Book 30
Chaos erupts on board the Colonel Sanders aircraft carrier, as four Air Treck teams and a special police squad converge into battle. Agito is plagued by a pair of foes with vexing reflective powers, and Kururu must search deep inside herself for the inspiration to stand up and seize her dreams. But how will this coalition against evil respond when a freak accident threatens to derail their entire plan?
Book 29

Tean Kogarasumaru has emerged victorious from its quarterfinal match, but the real main event-a clash between mega-titans Sleeping Forest and Genesis- is set to begin at midnight! Without a moment to rest, Ikki and friends must rush to defuse a hostage crisis orchestrated by Sora Takeuchi. Meanwhile, Kururu and her team havelanded on Genesis’ aircraft carrier in a daring scheme to perfect Ikki’s Storm Regalia. An all-out war is about to explode!
Book 28

The battle between Kogarasumaru and Sleipner rages on, and time is running out! With the stakes higher than they’ve ever been, Ikki and his friends have to use every trick in the book just to stay alive. Meanwhile, the state of world politics grows erratic as the American president (in the body of a teenage girl) unveils the true scope of Air Treck technology. And what part do Ringo and Sleeping Forest have to play in all of this?
Book 27
Ikki and Team Kogarasumaru are in a bad situation–facing über-team Sleipnir in an aerial battle on the back of fighter jets, while the clock ticks down on a loved one being held hostage elsewhere. As the battle rages on, Sleipnir’s members reveal their true nature as lab-created experiments programmed with a desire to fly. Can Ikki show them the way, or is he destined to be another disappointment?
Book 26
Desperate to help Ikki by building him his own Storm Regalia, Kururu launches a risky heist of a super-rare alloy. But her quest for her crush’s affections is cut short when Ringo, Ikki’s longtime friend and foster sister, reveals her love for him. But before Ikki has any time to process this shock, Kogarasumaru must rush off to face their next foe: a team straight from the pages of Norse mythology!

This volume of Air Gear includes special extras after the story!
Book 25
In this volume of Air Gear, the unthinkable has occurred: the minds of Emily Adachi and United States President Omaha have switched bodies! Omaha speaks about his desire for Air Treck technology to be used for the good of all humanity. Meanwhile, Team Trident is plunged into a bloody battle as mysterious invaders descend upon Osaka!

This volume of Air Gear includes special extras after the story!
Book 24
The virtual battle rages on, as Ikki and Team Kogarasumaru try to catch a special balloon floating through a fantastical computer-generated arena before their opponents. At stake is not only a priceless opportunity to compete in the Gram Scale Tournament, but the ability to show just how far they’ve come from their humble roots. And after the battle, a very surprising guest appears….

This volume of Air Gear includes special extras after the story!
Book 23

The final bell has rung, and the Gram Scale Tournament is ready to begin. There’s just one problem: Team Kogarasumaru never got registered! The only hope our heroes have is to win a virtual reality battle against a team consisting of… data representations of the original Sleeping Forest?!

This volume of Air Gear contains special extras after the story!

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