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Clingfire Trilogy Series

Marion Zimmer Bradley and Deborah J. Ross
The Fall of Neskaya by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Zandru's Forge by Marion Zimmer Bradley
A Flame in Hali by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Clingfire Trilogy Series : Titles in Order

Book 13
In the era of The Hundred Kingdoms, a time of war and unrest, King Carolin of Hastur and his friend Keeper Varzil Ridenow work selflessly to put an end to the destruction caused by the long range weapons of the magical matrix Towers. But Eduin Deslucido-who once called Carolin brother-has been consumed with a vengeful rage, and will stop at nothing to destroy the king and his plan for peace.
Book 12
In the era of The Hundred Kingdoms, a time of war and unrest, a legendary friendship is forged between king and keeper which will lead to a new destiny for Darkover.
Book 11
The Fall of Neskaya, Book One of the Clingfire Trilogy, marks the legendary author’s final return to Darkover before her death. Set in the tumultuous era of The Hundred Kingdoms, a terrible time of strife and war, this unique fantasy world is divided into a mutlitude of small belligerent domains vying for power and land. One ambitious and corrupt tyrant will stop at nothing to control Darkover-even wield the terrifying weapons of the matrix.

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