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Jeffrey the Third Grade Detective Series

Megan Stine and H. William Stine
Christmas Visitors by Megan & H. William Stine
Pet Day Surprise by Megan & H. William Stine
Max Onstage by Megan & H. William Stine

Jeffrey the Third Grade Detective Series : Titles in Order

Book 6
Jeffrey Baker’s got a problem, and his name is Robin Dessart. Robin, the new kid in Jeffrey’s class, is a know-it-all and a bully. First, he gives all of Jeffrey’s friends a hard time. Then he gives Jeffrey the chicken pox!

Jeffrey knows that the only one who can stop Robin Dessart is Max, the third-grade ghost. Max’s endless pranks should put Robin in his place once and for all. And Jeffrey’s birthday party is coming up—the perfect day for revenge! But, as usual, Max has a few tricks of his own up his sleeve, and Robin isn’t the only one in for a surprise. . . .
Book 5
Max, the ghost, has never appeared to anybody but Jeffrey, so no one else believes he exists. But strange things have been happening lately that only the presence of a ghost could explain, and Jeffrey’s friend Kenny is beginning to think that Max just might be real after all.

When Max makes Kenny volunteer for the lead in the school play, Kenny is sure he’s real. He desperately wants to meet Jeffrey’s invisible friend, but Jeffrey can’t promise anything—he knows how stubborn Max can be. Then Kenny loses his starring role, and it looks as if he doesn’t have a ghost of a chance of getting it back without Max’s help. . . .
Book 4
Jeffrey’s friend Ben brings his garter snake to school for a report, and the class likes it so much that their teacher agrees to have a  “pet day,” when all the children can bring their pets to class. The only problem is that Jeffrey doesn’t have a pet—at least not yet.

When Jeffrey finally talks his mom into going pet shopping, he realizes he has another problem. His friend Max, the ghost, has come along, and the minute they walk into the pet store some of the animals go crazy. Jeffrey really wants a dog or a cat, but they’re all terrified of Max. Will he be forced to choose between a pet and a ghost?
Book 3
What’s Christmas without Max?
Jeffrey Becker is looking forward to the greatest Christmas ever. Nothing beats spending the holidays with his best friend, Max. Especially when Max happens to be a mischief-loving 1950s ghost.
But before vacation begins, Jeffrey and Max argue, and Max disappears—maybe for good! To make things worse, it looks like Jeffrey will have to spend Christmas with—yuck!—his obnoxious cousins Jonathan and Wendy. Why bother to celebrate at all? Jeffrey needs his ghostly friend to come back, but there’s no sign of the stubborn Max. Will Max ever return?
Book 2
When Ricky Reyes dares Jeffrey to get a bloody dagger out of the old McGyver house on Halloween night, Jeffrey is counting on Max, his ghostly friend, to help him.
Book 1
A wisecracking ghost from the 1950s?
It’s the fifth day of school and Jeffrey Becker is in trouble again! Jeffrey can’t help it. He likes to tell a good story. The trouble is, his teacher calls those stories lies. And now he has to stay after school.
Jeffrey isn’t the only one with the detention. When his teacher leaves the classroom Jeffrey realizes that he has company—a ghost from the 1950s named Max. Max is one cool ghost, but he manages to get Jeffrey into more trouble than Jeffrey gets into on his own. And Jeffrey knows that no one will believe him when he says his new best friend is a ghost!

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