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Diamondback Series

Guy Brewer
Diamondback 02: Texas Two-Timing by Guy Brewer
Diamondback 05: Dead Man's Hand by Guy Brewer
Diamondback 06: Made in Spades by Guy Brewer

Diamondback Series : Titles in Order

Book 6
After a casual dalliance with a young woman in New Mexico, Dex Yancey discovers that her family—the Espinoza clan—have lost their wealth and are too proud to accept handouts. They are being besieged by a rowdy group of badmen employed by Englishman Sir David Manchester, who wants to develop his own cattle ranch on Espinoza land.
Seeing that Dex is friendly with the Espinozas, Manchester hires him to persuade the family to sell their homestead. But Dex has a better idea, one that will ensure the land remains with the Espinozas, and one that will cost Manchester his fortune.
Smooth as a snake, and twice as slippery, Dex Yancey is the con man’s con man. Whether the game is cards, dice, or gambling with your life, Dex is ready to play against the odds—and win. Ladies love him. Gamblers hate him. But nobody puts one over on Dex.
Book 5
Con man Dex Yancy goes up against a loathsome lawyer to save his friend from a hard time in the fifth novel in the Diamondback series.
Book 4
In the fourth Diamondback novel a case of mistaken identity turns con man Dex Yancy into a rich man—a ploy which soon has him running for his life.
Book 3
Con man Dex Yancy intends to take down the Ku Klux Klan by going undercover and and destroying them from the inside out in the third novel in the Diamondback series.
Book 2
It takes a fast horse to cross a finish line, but it takes a stupid man to cross a con man like Dex Yancey…
In the second book of the Diamondback western series, a simple bet on a horse race turns into a mission for revenge after Dex is accused of cheating.

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