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Della Cooks Mystery Series

Melinda Wells
Killer Mousse by Melinda Wells
The Proof is in the Pudding by Melinda Wells
Pie a La Murder by Melinda Wells

Della Cooks Mystery Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
Della Carmichael’s sweetie pie Nicholas drops a bomb-he has a teenage daughter, now living with him. When the daughter’s friend is found murdered, the protective Nicholas is a suspect, and Della must find the real killer before they all get burned.
Book 3
A mouthwatering new Della Cools mystery-recipes included.

Owner of a Santa Monica cooking school and cable cooking show star Della Carmichael is one of three judges for an A-list cook-off-but it’s the celebrities who are getting knocked off.
Book 2
To help boost ratings for her show, Della Carmichael agrees to enter a televised cake competition sponsored by Reggi-Mixx, even though the company’s owner, Regina Davis, is an old college nemesis. When she finds someone drowned in a mixing bowl of batter, Della realizes solving this murder will be no cakewalk.
Book 1
Meet Della Carmichael, owner of a cooking school in Santa Monica, California, and, as of this week, star of a brand-new cable cooking show. But she’s about to add a new position to her résumé: suspect…
The first live airing of “In the Kitchen With Della” opens like other cooking shows—with a chef surrounded by bowls of ingredients in a shiny studio kitchen. But it ends like a crime scene detective show—and Della is the suspected perp.
Della’s “Killer Mousse” lives up to its name when her predecessor, Mimi Bond, taste-tests it—and winds up dead on the floor. Proving that she didn’t poison the mousse will be no piece of cake for Della. She’ll have to expose unsavory secrets, get mixed-up in heated family affairs, and figure out why Mimi, who couldn’t make instant oatmeal, was hired in the first place…

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