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Eureka Series

Cris Ramsay
Eureka: Substitution Method by Cris Ramsay
Eureka: Brain Box Blues by Cris Ramsay
Eureka: Road Less Traveled by Cris Ramsay

Eureka Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
A Global Dynamics researcher has a breakthrough on her project visualizing another dimension. And since GD’s experiments have a bad tendency to affect the entire town, Sheriff Jack Carter heads over to check it out. What he sees blows him away. The project has revealed a parallel universe, complete with another Eureka-one in which Carter doesn’t exist! But as the two worlds begin to bleed into each other and residents confront their alternate selves, Carter may be the one man who can keep both Eurekas from being destroyed.
Book 2
Even the brightest of Eureka’s residents can’t read someone else’s mind. Then Global Dynamics develops the Brain Box: a device capable of capturing and storing human thoughts. When the Box starts messing with people’s minds, Sheriff Jack Carter will have to keep his thoughts to himself if he’s going to save the town from going out of their heads.
Book 1
View our feature on Chris Ramsay’s Eureka: Substitution MethodWelcome to Eureka.
Population: BRILLIANT It’s a town of geniuses—and now it’s the smartest series going. Founded by Albert Einstein and Harry Truman after WWII, Eureka is home to the greatest minds in science and technology. But the creations of these eccentric geniuses threaten to destroy the world as often as they save it. Jack Carter is the everyman sheriff who must use his common sense and unique street smarts to keep a lid on this Pandora’s Box of a town. Especially now, when Eureka’s people, cars, and buildings are being swapped with people, cars and buildings from other places.View the SyFy TV trailer
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